Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cook-Your-Books #3

Cook-Your-Books is all about cooking or baking from your many cookbooks or magazines that you have collected over the years. If you love collecting cookbooks, read them like novels and trying out new recipes, then this is the perfect place to share. It's time to get those books (or magazines) out of the shelves, and start using them. Bake or cook anything from any of your books or magazines, and link your posts to Cook-Your-Books here at Kitchen Flavours. The linky will start on the 10th of every month right up to the end of the month. The three most viewed submissions will be featured at the next Cook-Your-Books.

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Thank you to all for sharing all the delicious yummies from your cookbooks!

Featured posts for this month
The three most viewed posts from Cook-Your-Books #2

Golden Yam Ring by May
An eye-catching beautiful dish made of mashed yam with a mixture of some flour, shaped into a ring, deep-fried until golden brown and crispy, and stuffed with chicken filling in the centre. Definitely calls for attention when served at the dining table.

Chocolate Stout/Beer Brownies by Gloria from Canela Kitchen
Gloria says, "These brownies are really awesome and are from Bon Appetit, don't worry if you haven't some stout beer you can make with other beer".

Banana Apricot Cake by Phong Hong Bakes

Phong Hong says "It was a good banana cake with orangey flavour and I loved it. But when eaten with the apricots it wasn't that great. All I tasted was the tangy apricot and it sort of overpowered the cake. Maybe if the apricot pieces were smaller and more evenly distributed in the cake, it would taste better."

Thank you to everyone for sharing all the delicious yummies from your cookbooks!

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  1. All 3 featured recipes look really inviting, esp. the yam ring. Totally love the idea.

  2. Oh what fun Joyce. And what great choices too!!! Gloria's brownies sound awesome especially since it's Brownies for brunch Month in these parts, lol...

    I'm really going to try and "play" this month. I mean really!!!

    Thank you so much for hosting, Joyce. Now I'm off to check out that Lime Curd:)

  3. Hi Joy, I just happen to have a few cookbooks, I need to join this group! Have a great day.

  4. Hi Joyce , love sweet potatoes and the ring looks so yummy ... I will dig up my cookbooks and maybe , just maybe get my nerve up ...thanks so much for sharing . :)

  5. I love this Joyce! Thanks by featured my recipe! I love all!
    I will coming tomorrow with my récipes I have to Cook your books #3:)

  6. I have tried the yam ring but it didn't turn out as good because my yam is not the powdery kind! Got to try it again when I can find good yam.

  7. I received a new cookbook a few weeks ago - as though I need another one! - and couldn't wait to cook from it.

  8. Joyce, I am so happy! Woohoo!!!

  9. Congrats to the 3 bloggers whose posts were most viewed. I too like the yam ring, very well done!

  10. Joyce, i just balik kampung for few days, and never knew that my post was featured in this CYB. Thanks for informing, I feel so happy !

  11. All 3 popular recipes look wonderful ! Well-done , guys !

  12. Great way to share! But I made a boohoo! I forgot to add the name of the recipe. Instead my name was added below the pic! Joyce, is there a way to rectify it?

    1. Hi Judy,
      No worries! I've added in the name of your bake! Thank you for linking!

  13. Congrats to the top 3 bloggers most viewed!

  14. Wow! Look at all these goodies Joyce! I just linked up A Dreamie Cake for Creamsicle Day. I hope I did right, lol...Thanks for hosting this fun event Joyce! (if not, could you fix it for me:)

  15. Hi Joyce, I've just submitted a recipe :D

  16. Hi Joyce, I've just linked my 2nd post to CYB. Check out #46. I hope you will not faint... ha ha ha !

  17. ah Joyce what many and delicious récipes!!! I add my new récipe here:))