Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blueberry-Orange Bundt Cake

Bake #44 at The Home Bakers (THB), Blueberry-Orange Bundt Cake, is selected by Diana of Domestic Goddess Wannabe.

A lovely cake made with cream cheese and butter, flavoured with orange juice and zest, it has a whole cup of yoghurt, and is dotted with fresh blueberries all over. I have reduced the sugar and the sweetness turns out just right. 

The cake bakes up really moist, with dense but soft, almost velvety crumbs. 

A slice is perfect with a cuppa tea! I've really enjoyed this cake.

For the full recipe and instructions, please visit the host of this bake, Diana of Domestic Goddess WannabeTo view other members' bake, please visit The Home Bakers (THB).

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  1. Joyce I love bundt cake and this look amazing!

  2. I love its light and smooth texture! Your bundt cake looks terrific, Joyce.

  3. I was at Suoka Taman Tun a few days ago and had a slice of their Jackfruit cake. Looks like a bundt cake. Nice! I am sure yours is as good :-)

  4. Joyce, can I join you with a cuppa tea? This cake just simply looks delish. Tea cakes are supposed to be dense so I'm very good with that and I'm sure the combi of cream cheese and blueberries definitely more than make up for it! :)

  5. Joyce, I simply must taste this cake! But I am too kiamsiap to buy blueberries LOL!

  6. Piękne i na pewno pyszne ciasto :)

  7. Hi Joyce, yum yum ! This cake is so moist ... blueberries, cream cheese, orange ... Definitely perfect with a cuppa tea ^-^!

  8. It looks so moist and you can't go wrong with blueberry and orange!



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