Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank you!

There is no recipe posting today. This post is all about "THANK YOU" for the following awards and gifts that I have received from my blogger friends! And also a big "THANK YOU" to everyone (YOU!!). It is great knowing all of you through blogosphere and I really appreciate your valuable time, precious comments and constant visits! 


From Louise of Months of Edible Celebrations
During the month of October, Louise has organized a Cookbook Party and I was glad to participate in the party. Did you know that October is a month full of delicious celebration? Well, to add icing to the deliciousness, Louise has some prizes in store! I was one of the winners and received these wonderful cookbooks from Louise! Thank you, Louise! Do stop by and visit Louise over at her blog Months of Edible Celebrations, you will find lots of interesting information on "months of celebrations". EVERYONE knows that February is all about Valentine, but did you know that February is also the month for "Potato Lover's Month, Chocolate Month", and lots more! Do check this out over at Louise's!
Thank you, Louise!! (meant to post about this months ago!!)


In the months of December 2011 and January 2012, Parsley Sage of The Deep Dish has done a series of "Taste of Cayman", featuring restaurant reviews and all about food, delicious, mouthwatering food, right from the beautiful Cayman Islands! If you are not familiar with The Deep Dish, then it is time to pay Parsley Sage a visit! The Cayman Islands will be on your next vacation destination! It is already on my list! (hope hubby will read this!! )
"Taste of Cayman" series comes with prizes for some lucky winners, and I was one of them! I won this wonderful Caribbean Rum Cake, which I received just a couple of days ago. IT WAS DELICIOUS! The best rum cake I have ever eaten! The cake is soft, buttery and moist with the wonderful aroma and delicious taste of the rum, distinctly over the top of the cake!! My mission now, is to find out whether this cake is sold locally over here in Malaysia. Hehe!! 
Thank you, Parsley Sage!!


The Awards :

Winner Award
From Rebecka of At Home With Rebecka
Rebecka has organized a Fish and Chips Challenge. And  Rebecka has been wonderfully sweet to forward the Winner Award both to me and Shirley's Luxury Haven. Rebecka is one multi-talented lady, she's an opera singer and has performed in many professional productions. And Rebecka is very creative in creating new delicious dishes, she has some videos showcasing her creations. Rebecka was chosen as the first dessert winner in the Real Women of Philadelphia Cookbook Competition! Her winning entry will be featured in the next edition of Real Women of Philadelphia Cookbook! How cool!
Thank you, Rebecka!


Liebster Blog Award
From :
Chris from Yummy Bakes
This lovely award has been forwarded to me by two lovely ladies, Jen from What's Baking and Chris from Yummy Bakes. Be sure to stop by these lovely ladies blogs to see their delicious bakes and mouth-watering dishes!!
Thank you, Jen and Chris !!

The Versatile Blogger Award
From : 
This lovely award has been forwarded to me by Jasline from Food Is My Life and Kajal from Purple Chronicle. I am honored that both Jasline and Kajal has forwarded this award to me. Both ladies have beautiful sites with lovely recipes and musings, be sure to stop by and say hello.
Thank you, Jasline and Kajal !!

In accepting both these awards, I'm forwarding both the Liebster Blog Award and The Versatile Blogger Award to the following wonderful blogs, each is unique in their own special way. Please do accept these two awards and forward them to 10 other  blogger friends of your choice.

Thank you, everyone!!


  1. First of all... CONGATULATIONS!!!! U deserve every award! I personally love your blog!
    An thank you so much for forwarding to me these two awards!

  2. Congratulations! I love your wonderful collection of recipes, especially your bakes, and you deserve each and every one of those awards.

  3. Thank you, Kitchen Flavours for your wonderful mouthwatering posts and your humor. You certainly deserve each and every award. Cheers to you!!

  4. So glad you liked the rum cake! There's a guy here that's doing Chocolate Rum cakes now...can you imagine? Wowsa! Congrats on all your very well deserved awards :)

  5. Congratulations on your awards! Happy to be your newest follower!

  6. Congratulations on your gifts and awards.....thanks for passing on the beautiful awards to me, I appreciate it very much!:)

  7. My hearties wishes dear...wishing you all success in blogging..;)
    looks sooooooooo nice ...well explained..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  8. hey joyce, you had got your rum cake and comes in such a lovely box! congrats on the award!!

  9. Hi Joy, YOu're such a sweetie! You deserve each and everyone of these gifts and more!

    I get so much joy from reading your blog and treasure our year and a half long developing friendship! Congratulations my friend♥ btw...I've eaten the Tortuga rum cakes and they are to die for!

  10. What a great looking haul! And, congrats on the Liebster. Thanks for passing it along to me! =D