Sunday, May 1, 2011

About Free and Easy Bake-Along

How Bake-Along started
Welcome to our Free and Easy Bake-Along.
Our Bake-Along is hosted by three ladies, Joyce, Lena and Zoe, who shares the same passion for baking. Free and Easy Bake-Along started off when I reallly wanted to make more uses of my many cookbooks on my bookshelf. Nothing gives me great pleasure than to sit down with a cup of tea and read some of my favourite cookbooks like novels, the difference is, with novels, you would not find dozens of post-it notes sticking out at the top of the pages! And the post-it notes keep on increasing each time a book is opened. So to get myself active in baking from my many cookbooks, I decided to start a baking group called "Bake-Along". Two talented ladies, Lena and Zoe, who share the same passion in baking, was thrilled at the idea and that was how Bake-Along started, and we are having so much fun baking together and learn from each other! Along our "Bake-Along" journey, there are other bloggers who has shown interest about joining in. So, the three of us have decided to invite anyone to join in our bakes. We all share the same passion, Baking!  

Want to know more about joining in?  Read on...
Let me introduce the three hosts :


  • Firstly, this is a "Free and Easy Bake-Along". There's no rule about how many times you must bake! There's no commitment! You can follow anytime when you feel like it. There is no members' list, just join in whenever you can.
  • We will try to bake twice a month. For each month, there will be two bakes, one recipe will be chosen for one bake and the other bake will be based on a theme. For the chosen recipe, we would usually choose from our current cookbooks, if you do not have the cookbook which the particular recipe was chosen from, we would try to provide the source of the recipe, or we may make some suggestions to that particular bake. For our bakes based on theme, we will announce the theme that we have chosen and just bake along the theme, simple!
  • All submissions must be current and new posts, to encourage everyone to try out new recipes. Old posts are not accepted, if you have posted that chosen recipe before, you can always widen your baking skills into trying out other similar recipes that fits the theme of the chosen bake and submit your new post.
  • We would indicate, the next four bakes over at our blog's side-bar, look for "Upcoming Bake-Along", this should give you ample time to plan your bakes, as we all know, time is so precious, passes by in a flash!
  • This is a blog-hop event. We will provide the link to the blog-hop codes at the bottom of our posts. Just go to that link, select and copy the codes, paste it over in your HTML page at the bottom of your post, and submit your post as usual via the link. All the submissions and links will then appear at the bottom of your very own post! Please remember to mention this Bake-Along event in your own post linking direct to any of the hosts' post, and leave a comment, we would like to know that you have join us and would like to visit you right back!
  • Please do visit at least one or two from the list of thumbnails and leave a comment, everyone loves that!

To summarise, here's what you got to do :
1. go to the link provided.
2. copy the codes
3. paste the codes in your HTML page of your drafted post
4. post as usual and submit your post via the link.
Please remember to :
5. mention Bake-Along event in your own post linking direct to any of the hosts' post
6. leave a comment at any of the hosts' post.
7. visit at least one or two other links and leave a comment, everyone loves that!

Feel free to copy the image of our lovely badge, designed by Zoe. You may paste the image whenever you post up a link to any of our Bake-Alongs.

That's about it! Please do join in, everyone's welcome! Have fun baking!

Anything to ask? Please feel free to drop me a line at my email :

Thank you for stopping by!
*** Joyce ***