Saturday, February 2, 2013

Claypot Chicken with Chinese Sausage

I was flipping through one of my local cookbooks looking for ideas on dinner, found this simple Claypot Chicken with Chinese Sausage. Since I have all the ingredients, I made this for our dinner that night. This would be a nice simple dish to serve the family for the coming festive Chinese New Year. Simple and very tasty.

Simple, delicious and a hit with the family. I pan-fried an extra sausage and used that for extra garnish just before serving.

The chicken is braised over low heat, covered for about 20-25 minutes until cooked and tender. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. This dish is also great for a weeknight dinner, get everything ready in the morning, keep in the refrigerator, and do the cooking later in the evening, quick, easy and very tasty.

Once the chicken is cooked and tender, stir in some spring onions. Garnish with more spring onions and top with the pre-fried sliced Chinese sausage just before serving. Since I have lots of spring onions in my garden, this is a delicious way of using them.

Serve immediately with white rice.

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Claypot Chicken with Chinese Sausage
(adaped from "Quick and Easy Hawker Fair" with some changes)
2 whole chicken legs, skinned and cut to pieces
1 can button mushroom, cut into half
2 Chinese sausages, remove casing and slice to thick slices diagonally
1 Chinese sausages, leave whole
6 garlic cloves, remove skin, leave whole
6 shallots, remove skin, leave whole
1 cup hot water

Seasoning :
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp Shaoxing wine
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
dash of pepper
2 stalks spring onions, cut to 2-3" lengths
  1. Heat about 1 teaspoon of oil in wok or saucepan over very low heat. Add in one whole Chinese sausage, stir for a couple of minutes until cooked and casing is blistered. Remove from heat and keep aside. When cool enough to handle, discard casing and slice the sausage thinly at a diagonal. Place in small bowl, keep covered and put aside.
  2. Heat up 2 tablespoons oil in claypot, saute garlic and shallots until fragrant. Add in chicken pieces and stir for a few minutes until chicken turns white.
  3. Add in the uncooked sliced Chinese sausages, button mushrooms, hot water and seasoning. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil. Cover claypot, reduce heat to low and continue to braise over low heat for about 20 minutes, stirring two or three times in between. Adjust seasonings to taste.
  4. Turn off heat when chicken is cooked and tender, stir in the spring onions. Just before serving, garnish with more spring onions and top with the sliced sausages from no. 1 above.
  5. Serve immediately with white rice.


  1. Great and easy dish especially serving in claypot.

  2. Hello Joyce
    This is one delicious dish! It is good to look for one or two simple dish to cook so we can have more varieties on the dinner table!

  3. I wish to have this on CNY reunion dinner, so I must let my MIL read your recipe. Thanks Joyce.

  4. OMG, I LOVE that Chinese sausage. It's so good!

  5. i made this once and it wasn't a great success, need to try again :)

  6. Hello Joyce, this looks delicious. I can smell it from across the screen!

  7. I love claypot chicken!!! Quickly bookmark this delicious recipe :)

  8. Joyce , my mouth's watering :D That dish looks scrumptious ! Love the chicken and lap cheong combo .

  9. I love the flavours! The chicken bites must be extremely delicious after absorbing the juice from sausage.

  10. Cook this on 3rd day? I insist.. tummy tumm tumm

  11. Hi Joyce! We have this once every week at home... cause this is one of the few chinese dishes that my helper has mastered... I'm not complaining cos it goes very well with rice. :)

  12. Ohhh lama tak makan claypot. Now mengidamlah pulak.
    You must be very busy with the CNY preparation.
    I like to wish you Happy Chinese New Year earlier this year cos last year I lambat wish :).

  13. I love one pot meals in the winter. This looks like a winner!

  14. Hi Joyce,
    I am drooling looks at your clay pot chicken.
    Must cook this tonight.. :D
    Really I love 1 pot meal.

  15. I don't like "lap cheong" but I like your claypot chicken which reminded me of the hot claypot rice with salted fish, haha!新年快樂!

  16. Makes me drool, beautifully cooked and delicious claypot chicken.

  17. I love those family dishes where all cook together. Simple and delicious :)

  18. yes, delicious! tambah nasi 2 mangkuk!!

  19. Wow! I love this a lot, got my favorite lap cheong in it:D

  20. Genial tu receta de pollo, te la copio para hacerla .
    Un abrazo.

  21. Hi Joyca, how you doin'? Long time no see.
    I sure love this claypot dish, as lup cheong is always my favourite.
    I can practically get the lovely scent here too.
    Have a nice day,

  22. Hi Joyce!

    I got such a kick out of this post for two reasons. One, just today I "dug out" a clay pot cookery cookbook that I haven't looked at in ages. (It's called The Earthenware Cookbook) Unfortunately, I no longer have a clay pot, lol...Two, I was so intrigued with the thought of the sausage addition. Yummy!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...I'm also delighted to discover you on Pinterest!

  23. Joyce, that's a very simple but delicious dish! My mum would be pleased to see the Chinese sausage in this dish, it's her favourite. I should cook it one of these days.

  24. Hi Joyce, this dish looks really delicious! I love claypot chicken, and would love to slurp up the gravy with a bowl of rice, yum!

  25. Hi Joyce,

    First of all, I need a claypot first before I can master your delicious claypot cooking... I shall put this item down in my coming Singapore trip shopping list :D


  26. What a lovely combination of flavor, it would be so good! Have a great week and thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  27. This is so mouthwatering! Now I have a reason to get a claypot at the Asian store & try this recipe! YUMMY! ;)