Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brik (A Tunisian Snack) : IHCC

"New To Me!", our theme for this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC), where we are currently cooking from our featured chef, Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes. To fit the theme, it can be a new dish, a new ingredient or simply a new method of cooking. Most of Ottolenghi's recipes are "new" to me, as most of them are Mediterranean dishes, so it's all there, new dish, new ingredient and new method.

I decided to look for a snack recipe, and found it in "Brik". According to Ottolenghi, "This very simple Tunisian recipe uses very few ingredients to make the most sumptuous snack". The original recipes uses feuilles de brick pastry, no idea what pastry that is! But then Ottolenghi has conveniently mentioned that spring roll wrappers make a good substitute, now, how did he know I have a pack in my freezer? Haha! 

While he uses a round pastry, mine was square. This snack is so easy and quick to make. Ingredients used are the pastry, chopped fresh parsley, chopped spring onions, egg and some seasoning. Since I do not have any fresh parsley, I have used all fresh coriander instead. And I did not add the spring onions because somehow I missed that!  Ottolenghi also suggested that for some heat, a teaspoon of Harissa paste can be added to the egg. Of course, that works for me! I have some homemade Harissa Paste left in my fridge.

To assemble, firstly, heat up some oil in a saucepan for frying the pastry parcel. Working quickly as soon as the oil is hot (not too hot!), place a piece of spring roll wrapper on a shallow plate, spread some Harissa paste in the centre, place the chopped fresh coriander/parsley all around, break an egg onto the Harissa paste. Fold the pastry over the egg, to enclose it, making a parcel. I use a flat wooden spatula to lift the parcel and place it in the hot oil. Fry on both sides until golden brown, but watch out that the egg is not overcook, but still soft. Remove and drain on kitchen paper towel.

I fried the first one till golden brown and crispy but...

the egg was fully cooked, looks like I have overcooked it.  Now for the second one....

I added more Harissa Paste, about 1 tablespoon, notice the brown patch? That's the Harissa Paste inside. And this time used an egg cold from the fridge to avoid it being overcook since it is cold. Assemble and fry the parcel, it is not as golden brown as the first one since I'm not taking any chances that I'll end up with an overcooked egg again, but the wrapper is very crispy.

This is looking much better, the whites are just softly cooked .....

and the yolks are still runny... perfect!  And crispy wrapper! I had these two parcels for my lunch, with a big mug of warm!

This is an interesting snack, firstly, I have now discovered a Tunisian snack, secondly I have never cooked a raw egg, enclosed in a pastry and fry them this way before. Two "newish" here, a new dish and a new method of cooking an egg. And now, I have ideas of add-ons for a simple snack for the kids, using this method. Thanks to Ottolenghi!

(adapted from, Yotam Ottolenghi)
about 250ml sunflower oil (I used only about 1/3 cup, use a small saucepan)
2 circles feuilles de brick pastry, about 20cm in diameter (I use spring roll wrapper)
3 tbsp chopped parsley leaves
1-1/2 tbsp chopped spring onion, both green and white parts
2 free-range eggs
salt and black pepper

Pour the oil into a medium saucepan so it comes 1 cm up the sides, place on medium heat and leave until hot, but not too hot, otherwise the pastry will burn before the egg is cooked.

Trim one piece of pastry and lay in a shallow bowl. You will need to work quickly, otherwise it will dry out. Put half the parsley in the centre of the round and half the onion, creating a little nest for the egg, then carefully crack one in. Season generously, then fold in the sides of the pastry to create a parcel - the folds will overlap so the egg is sealed in. Gently place the pastry seal-side down in the hot oil and cook for a minute a side - the pastry should be golden-brown and the egg semi-cooked, with the yolk still runny.

Lift out the pastry parcel and place between two sheets of kitchen paper to soak up excess oil, then set aside somewhere warm. Repeat the process, and serve hot.

Do stop by I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC) to view all the "New To Me!" dishes, my friends has made, and if you are interested to join us, please find out more details at IHCC.

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  1. this is truly one interesting snack... especially the fourth and fifth pictures!

  2. A great snack, Joyce, I love the runny egg filling.

  3. This Turnisian snack looks a bit like Chinese style pan cake to me! Good try, Joyce!

  4. Hi Joy! How are you???

    Been awhile since I came in here...

    Wow, Brik looks soooooo mouthwatering. Interesting recipe ;)

    ^Love2cook Malaysia^

  5. Very special recipe and i love the egg filling!

  6. Simply stunning and delicious egg preparation. Wonderfully prepared,

  7. Hi Joyce , boy do the snack look yummy ... do you need a taster , I am available thanks for sharing :)

  8. Este bocado está muy tentador se ve muy rico,saludos y abrazos

  9. What a fun and unusual snack. The method of cooking raw egg inside of pastry is blowing my mind! Thank you for linking this week.

    I don't think I'll be able to get me "new to me" dish made this week. The whole family, including myself, are sick.

  10. Good morning
    Thanks for sharing an interesting recipe and method of cooking.
    Just to also let you know that I tried the Chicken with garlic and surprisingly it was very delicious and well received by my family. Thanks

  11. This snack sure looks good, I love all the filling and the egg oozing out!

  12. What a lovely snack, simple and easy to boot!

  13. Ooooo, I can have this for my breakfast too! Have a nice weekend ahead!

  14. Joyce, I was just drooling over egg porn that I spotted! I have never heard of brik but it sure does look good and I will definitely try this snack for myself when I'm able to do so. I'm sure these must be snapped up in no time!

  15. Love this, Joyce. I've been meaning to try this one for ages. I actually can get brick pastry here, but not in my city, so I have to order it online. Looks as you got that nailed with the runny egg - exactly the way I would like it. Crispy pastry, harissa and runny egg has to be a match made in heaven! I've also heard of a variation of this with tuna inside, along with the herbs, and the egg nestled into the tuna.

  16. Both look very yummy to me! I actually made brik pastry/warqa once using Paula Wolfert's recipe from Food of Morocco. Never again (it was very tricky)! Very happy to know spring roll wrappers work for this.

  17. I have been wanting to make this recipe but did not see where he said to sub out the spring roll wrappers in place of the feuilles de brick pastry. Thanks so much for pointing that out! I'm always drawn to egg dishes. I just find them so satisfying and welcoming. I definitely want to give this a try and will also be adding the harissa to mine. So glad to hear that this was a hit!!

  18. Delicious Joyce! I am not quite sure how these delectable little snacks have passed me by! Crisp, golden, a little spice & perfectly runny eggs sounds like the perfect snack to me!

  19. I love a good runny yolk egg! ;-) This looks like a wonderful snack or the perfect breakfast. Good to know that spring roll wrappers can be used too. ;-)