Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crispy Honey Mustard Bacon Salad

"Eating of the Green", our theme for this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC), where we are cooking from Donna Hay's recipes. This week is all about greens and I've made this easy and fuss-free salad, which takes just minutes to prepare! 

Recipe calls for arugula leaves, which I've replaced with butterhead letttuce, as I could not find any arugula leaves from the supermarket near my house. I've got to make a trip to another supermarket that sells arugula leaves, and I am really lazy as the weather is blazing hot, not to mention the terrrible haze which is everywhere! My children are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that there will be an announcement that schools are to be closed for a couple of days until the haze condition improves!! 

Instead of baking the bacon in the oven until crisp and golden, I have pan-fried the bacon in a dry saucepan over the stove, which is easy and takes only minutes. And did not use fresh parsley, did not have any. Since I have an opened jar of store-bought honey mustard in my fridge, I used that to which I've added a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of water to thin it a little.

Just before serving, toss the cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cannellini beans with some of the mustard dressing. Scatter the crumbled crispy bacon over the top and drizzle with more of the mustard dressing. We had this salad with some baked chicken drumsticks.

Crispy Honey Mustard Bacon Salad
(source from
4 rashers (220gm) bacon, rind removed
250gm cherry tomatoes, halved
400gm can white (cannellini) beans, drained
1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley leaves
80gm baby rocket (arugula) leaves (I replaced with butterhead lettuce)

Honey mustard dressing :
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon water

To make the honey mustard dressing, place the mustard, honey and water in a bowl and stir to combine. Set aside.

Place bacon on a baking tray and cook under a pre-heated hot grill for 5-8 minutes or until golden and crispy. Drain on absorbent paper and break into pieces. Place bacon, tomatoes, beans, parsley, rocket and half the honey mustard dressing in a bowl and toss to combine. Divide between plates and serve with the remaining dressing on the side. Serves 2.

To view what my friends at I Heart Cooking Clubs are making, please do stop by IHCC.
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Our time with Donna Hay is coming to an end soon, and we shall be cooking with another selected chef, Nigel Slater, starting from April. Anyone interested to join us, please visit this page at IHCC.


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  1. I love the combination of honey and mustard and it is probably my favourite salad dressing. A lovely fresh salad.

  2. Hi Joyce!
    Honey mustard is one of my favorite dressings. It goes really well with the salty, smoky bacon too.

  3. This looks and sounds delicious. Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  4. This looks like such a satisfying salad with all of those yummy ingredients topped with the honey mustard dressing. ;-)

    I hope the haze is leaving you soon--that is no fun. It sounds much worse than the days of volcanic haze we get here and that really messes with the allergies and breathing. Hang in there.

    1. And thanks for sharing your salad with Souper Sundays this week! ;-)

  5. Hi Joyce , honey mustard dressing on the salad , all I need now is the crackers , what a delicious dish . Thanks for sharing :)

  6. This really sound really delicious, isnt it?

  7. Joyce, this looks really good for clean eating isn't it? :) Especially with dijon mustard and honey, I'm sure the taste of this salad will be even better. Psst, I'm an ardent fan for dijon mustard. Maybe that's what drew me to this post ;P

  8. That is si refreshing and healthy!

  9. I like all these salad recipes u r putting up... Gives my meal options good twist..

  10. Honey Mustard is my favourite dressing for salad!
    Like this healthy meal :D

  11. That salad looks delicious and with the bacon and beans, looks like it would make a light meal on a hot day.

  12. The extreme weather this year is simply mind boggling, Joyce. I can see this refreshing salad cooling off your tummy, lol...Thanks so much for sharing, it looks lovely:) Stay cool, Joyce...

  13. Delicious salad! Planning to eat more salads next week since it's soooooo hot.

  14. Hard to imagine your weather being so hot and your children missing school due to haze. It is the opposite here, very cold and icy. I have this salad bookmarked to make because I love all the flavors and textures in it. Honey mustard is one of my very favorite dressings. This looks delicious Joyce! Hope you get some relief from the hot weather.

  15. Hi Joyce,

    Hope that the haze at your place is clearing now... Weather is becoming gloomy and cold now at Melbourne. I can feel winter is approaching... sob sob. I still like your warm weather but of course, not the haze!!!

    Eating a nice salad like yours will boost your immune system for sure :D


  16. Simple and so delicious this salad of the honey mustard easy!
    Awesome picture Joyce...have a great week ahead :D

  17. A lovely salad. Cheers from Carole's chatter

  18. Yum! I love this salad, Joyce! With bacon, even more so hah...hah,,,,

  19. This salad looks gorgeous, Joyce. Fantastic combination of ingredients, and such beautiful flavours. Topped off with the honey mustard dressing, it sounds like an absolute winner to me.

    Hope your haze clears up shortly that sort of heat doesn't sound like fun for anybody.

  20. I love honey mustard dressing, I sure could eat this bowl of salad for dinner.