Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta

It's Tuesdays With Dorie (TWD) week, and I've made Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta, one out of two recipes scheduled for this month. I've missed on the first one as I was busy preparing for  Chinese New Year a couple of weeks ago. Looks like that one will have to go for one of these Rewind Weeks. For this Panna Cotta, Dorie has suggested some flavours that can be created using the chocolate base, but I've decided to make them as it is.

This panna cotta is pretty straightforward and very simple to make, does not takes up much time at all. It takes longer for the panna cotta to set than to make them!

I've made the Panna Cotta in little ramekins cups, and left them to set in the refrigerator overnight. The ingredients are mostly what you probably have in your pantry ; cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, sugar, gelatin, heavy cream and milk.

These are very yummy! Chocolaty, not too sweet, rich with melt-in-the-mouth smooth velvety texture. Love it! 

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p/s : I have been having problems on leaving my comments at wordpress blogs. Unable to link my post at TWD site! Maybe my comments went into your spam folders. I would appreciate if you could check your spam folder, you might just find me there!


  1. What pretty ramekins Joyce. We loved this panna cotta too. So easy to make and so delicious.

  2. Joyce, I have never had panna cotta before. I always see it on TV hah..hah... I will make some one of these days and it has got to be a chocolate panna cotta :)

  3. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with wordpress. Hopefully it fixes soon. These were lovely panna cotta and I would make them again. You will like the lava cakes when you get to make them.