Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cookbook Countdown #5 : Ground Pork Omelette

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My selected cookbook for this month, 

Cookbook Countdown #5 : Recipe No. 1 - Ground Pork Omelette

Omelet is one of the favourite dish to serve at dinner time. We love omelet, a great dish to eat with rice along with other dishes. A simple and easy dish to prepare. This omelet has ground pork and cilantro, and it is very delicious. The ground pork is mixed into the egg mixture, make sure to break them up evenly, and then cooked over low heat until golden brown on both side and the ground pork is cooked through. According to the recipe, there's no seasoning in the egg mixture, but after the omelet is done cooking, it is served with fish sauce. I have however, prefer my omelet to be seasoned well. So I have added half the amount of fish sauce into the egg mixture before cooking. Go easy on the fish sauce as it is very salty. Test on the seasoning, by frying about 1 tablespoon of the egg mixture, adding more fish sauce to taste if necessary, before cooking the rest of the egg mixture. I have used much, much more, of the chopped scallions, about 1 very full cup!

A delicious omelet dish. The omelet is very tasty, so I have omitted the extra fish sauce during serving.  

Ground Pork Omelet (Trung Duc Thit)
(adapted from "Wild, Wild East by Bobby Chinn)
Serves 4
9oz (250gm) ground pork
4 scallions, chopped
6 eggs
2 tbsp vegetable oil
dash of ground white pepper (my addition)
bunch of cilantro, to serve
1/2 tsp chopped chile, to serve
2 tbsp fish sauce, to serve

In a large bowl, mix the pork, scallions, and eggs well (with 1 tbsp fish sauce), breaking up the pork into smaller pieces; a fork is quite useful for this task, or chopsticks are traditionally used, whichever tickles your fancy.
Place a saute pan over medium heat and coat it well with oil. Slowly pour in the egg mixture. Move the mixture around by tipping the pan, ensuring that it cooks equally. Turn the heat down to low, cover the pan, and cook for about 5 minutes more. The eggs should be cooked, but check by putting the fork into the mixture; if it is still soft and undercooked, remove the cover and cook for another 2 minutes.
Using a spatula, free the eggs from the bottom and sides of the pan. It is key to make sure that nothing is sticking, so that it will be easy for you to flip it over onto the other side. If the eggs stick, just pour a little more oil into the pan to help it cook a little more, making it easier for you. If you do not have enough confidence to flip it over, simply place a plate above the pan and turn both pan and the plate over together, and then slide the eggs on the plate back into the pan, to cook the top side of the omelet. Continue to cook until both sides are golden brown and the sides are firm.
To plate, simply slide it out of the pan, and cut across in 5 slices and then again at right angles to the first cuts. Serve scattered with the cilantro and chile, and sprinkled with the fish sauce.

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  1. But it is a sight only to see imagine the taste ... awesome !!! Big kiss good weekend !Mirta

  2. Joyce!
    Great that you are using Wild Wild East this month! Eastern cuisine is a bit difficult for me as hubby do not eat pork, chicken or beef. He also reduced seafood from his meals. His favorite is salmon (what else is left! hahaha). Can't wait to see what you make from WWE for May!

  3. My family loves omelette too! I will this as these ingredients are always available.

  4. what delicious omelette ! I love this Joyce !!

  5. Joyce, your omelette sure looks good! I can never flip my omelettes like that. They always break :(

  6. That looks and sounds delicious Joyce and such an interesting recipe too! I've never added meat apart from cooked bacon/ham to an omelette or frittata so this is very new to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you prepare from this book.