Thursday, March 9, 2017

Black Bean Chicken

A simple, quick and easy chicken stir-fry with delicious flavours. Recipe is from the fabulous book, Every Grain Of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop. According to the author, this dish is from the Hunanese firework-producing city of Liuyang. While in the original recipe, the chicken is deep-fried, here, the author has simply stir-fry the chicken pieces to keep its succulent mouthfeel. The seasonings remain the same as the original recipe.

I have cooked this dish twice, the first time, I've used chicken thigh with a combination of chicken breast meat. The photo above is cooked with all chicken breast meat. The author mentioned that fermented black beans are among the most distinctive Hunanese seasonings, especially when used in combination with chillies. In this recipe, there's a teaspoon or two of ground chilli used, do not skip that, as it really brings out the flavour of this dish. The next time instead of using only ground chilli, I would mix some coarse chilli flakes as well. Served with some stir-fry veggie and a soup, with fluffy white rice, makes such a satisfying meal.

The recipe can be found here.

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  1. I always love fermented black bean chicken. Yours looks so delicious.

  2. never had fermented black beans but this looks so tempting that I want to try some!

  3. Love your post content and that plate of chicken goodness!

  4. Hi Joyce,
    Seeing this delicious dish of fermented black beans chicken of yours, reminded me that I've not cooked this dish for a long time. Yummy ! Great with rice or porridge !