Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Stir-Fried Greens With Dried Shrimps

A simple, stir-fried greens using one of my favourite vegetable, cabbage. This is one of the stir-fry cabbage dishes that I sometimes cook at home and was pleasantly surprised to find this similar recipe in Every Grain of Rice cookbook.  

The dried shrimps added an umami fragrant taste to the dish. This stir-fried cabbage dish makes an excellent side dish to rice meal, and is great with plain congee.

Stir-Fried Greens With Dried Shrimps
(adapted from "Every Grain Of Rice" by Fuchsia Dunlop)
400gm spring greens, or cabbage of your choice
4 spring onions, green parts only
4 tbsp cooking oil or lard
6 tbsp thin dried shrimps
2 tbsp light soy sauce

Discard any fibrous outer leaves and cut out and discard the thick stem of the greens. Shred the leaves. Cut the spring onion greens into thin slices.
Add 3 tbsp of the oil or lard to a seasoned wok over a high flame and swirl it around. Add the shrimps and stir-fry until crisp and fragrant. Remove the shrimps from the wok and set aside.
Return the wok to the stove with the remainder of the oil or lard, add the greens and stir-fry over a high flame until hot, barely cooked and still a little crisp. Return the shrimps, adding the soy sauce and salt to taste (you may not need any salt because of the saltiness of the shrimps and soy). Finally add the spring onions, stir a couple of times, then turn on to a dish and serve.

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  1. Looks good to me and I actually have some lard in the refrigerator and all the rest of the ingredients. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. I have been using up my supply of dried shrimps, and using cabbage too!