Saturday, January 11, 2020

Pasta With Shrimp, Squash, Lemon And Lots Of Herbs

The first recipe selected in this new year 2020 at Cook The Book Fridays, from Everyday Dorie is Pasta With Shrimp, Squash, Lemon And Lots of Herbs. 

A delicious and colourful bowl of pasta. I like everything about this pasta; the shrimp which gives a delicious umami taste, the fresh citrus taste of the lemons, the bright colours from the yellow and green squash (delicious too!), and that burst of sweetness from the ripe raw tomatoes. Chopped fresh dill and spring onion greens sprinkled over, makes it complete.

And I love Dorie's take on using the squeezed lemon half, dropping it in the pot of water to cook the pasta. So lemony nice.

There is no heavy sauce for this pasta. It is  simple, fresh and delicious. We love it. Will definitely cook this again. Yum!

Cook the Book Fridays
Cookbook Countdown #49


  1. So delicious and I love it with lots of fresh herbs too.

  2. I think this would be a perfect summer time recipe, either as a hot dish or a cold salad. Your plate looks so refreshing. Cheznana

  3. This was a good one to start off the year. So bright, relatively healthy, and delicious. Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds delicious, and great that there's no heavy sauce. Colorful too!

  5. Yours looks beautiful...we thought the lemon was a bit overpowering but easy to fix that the next time!

  6. oh yummm, Those fat shrimps are calling me.