Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jalapeno Corn Bread

I love cornbread. This is the fourth cornbread recipe that I've posted and probably would not be the last! Today's recipe is taken from "Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book Of Breads" where he described this bread as the best cornbread in his book. That gave me reason enough to try!

This recipe uses cream-style sweet corn, cornmeal, canned jalapeno which I have replaced with fresh jalapenos, onions, flour, eggs, water, dry milk powder, a small amount of sugar, salt, oil, baking powder and cheddar cheese. CHEESE?  Where's the cheese??  OH NO!!  I have totally forgotten to add the cheese!!!

Only realised that the cheese is not in the batter, about 10 minutes later when the pan was already in the oven, when I sat down, going through the recipe from the book. I should have gone through the ingredients before I poured the batter into the baking pan, not when the pan is already in the oven! But then I guess the cornbread would still turn out fine, even without the cheese.

The cornbread bakes up good, with very nice golden crust.

It has a very moist, tender texture and so tasty! There's a little heat from the Jalapenos, the cream corn adds some creamy sweetness and together with the softened onions, makes this a delicious savoury bread to have with some soup or chilli.  I can imagine how much more tastier the cornbread would be if I have not forgotten to add in the Cheddar cheese. 

But even without the cheese, it is a very good cornbread! I had this for my lunch with a cup of tea. 

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I'm linking this post with Little Thumbs Up, where the ingredient for this month is Corn, hosted by Esther from Copycake Kitchen and organised by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids and Doreen from my little favourite DIY.

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Note : I have made 1/3 from the original recipe, my measurments listed in blue. Baked in a 8" square baking pan, greased and lined.
Jalapeno Corn Bread
(adapted from "Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads")
2-1/2 cups yellow cornmeal (3/4 cup + 1 tbsp)
1 cup bread or all-purpose flour (1/3 cup)
2 tablespoons sugar (2 tsp)
1 tablespoon salt (1/3 tbsp)
4 teaspoons baking powder (scant 1-1/2 tsp)
1/2 cup nonfat dry milk (3 tbsp)
3 eggs, room temperature (1 egg)
1-1/2 cups warm water (105F-115F) (1/2 cup)
1/2 cup cooking oil (40 ml)
1 (16oz-can) cream-style corn (160gm)
6 to 8 jalapeno canned chili peppers, chopped (2 fresh jalapeno)
2 cups grated sharp Cheddar cheese (1/2 cup)
1 large onion, grated (1 small, quartered and finely sliced)

Two 9"x11" or 9"x9" baking pans, greased or Teflon.

Preheat the oven to 425F.
In a large bowl, stir together the cornmeal, flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and milk.
In a smaller bowl lightly beat the eggs and stir in the warm water and oil. Pour the liquid mixture into the cornmeal mix and stir in the corn, chopped peppers, cheese, and grated onion.
Pour the batter into the baking pans and spread evenly with a rubber scraper or a wooden spoon.
Bake until the bread tests done, about 30 minutes, and a wooden toothpick or metal skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. (If using convection oven, reduce heat 50 degrees).
Remove the bread from the oven. Let the pans cool somewhat on metal racks before cutting the bread into serving pieces.
This bread keeps well for several days, thanks to the oil and cheese, and may be frozen for months at 0 degrees.



  1. Cornbread is traditional in the American culture. Glad you like it. It can be made a million ways and it is all good. It is really good with a big bowl of chili too.


  2. Your cornbread looks delicious Joyce, and yes, the jalapeno sure gives the cornbread a nice kick.
    Thanks for the recipe and have a lovely week :)

  3. Hi Joyce
    I can see the texture is real moist and I am sure this must be yummy too. I have never made or bake anything cornmeal before. Would love to try my hands on this one day.

  4. This cornbread definitely looks moist and tasty, Joyce! It'll go perfect with a bowl of piping hot soup :)

  5. Hi Joyce, your corn bread looks good even without cheese. I would love to have a few slices.

  6. I only tried baking corn bread once...it turned out very crumbly and I can hardly cut into it without it crumbling into a mess! Hope to give it another try, once I get my cornmeal:D This recipe looks delicious and simple enough!

  7. Hi Joyce,

    Funny that you forget to add the cheese and the bread still tastes very good! It's like an accidental discovery! Being forgetful can be good... :p


  8. Oh my, what an interesting bread. Pardon for my suaku-ness, it's my first time hearing about spicy corn bread (jalapeno - suppose to be spicy, right?).

    Can I omit the chilli or replace something less spicy?

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Yes, jalapeno is a little spicy, OK for adults, but maybe not for the kids. You can omit the jalapeno, and add in chopped spring onions or chives, just don't forget the cheese! It would be tastier with the cheese!

  9. I made a cornbread once some time ago but then I've tried a proper one in USA and OMG, it was amazing. I have to make it again one day. Your looks yummy.

  10. Oh wow so interesting pepper in bread.

  11. How funny, I made jalapeno cornbread yesterday also! Yum!

  12. I still have to bake corn bread yet :P To think I've got nearly a kilo of cornmeal here :D Love the moist texture of your cornbread , I bet it taste really good with cheese lol

  13. I've bookmarked your last corn bread recipe & was intended to bake for the Little Thumbs Up event but I've been real busy lately. I will definitely try your cornbread recipe as we love cornbread; This cake looks delicious with nice texture even though the cheese was not in it! I'm the type that always forgets an ingredient in my bakes so if I were you, I just sprinkle the grated cheese on top! And If my sons ask why, I'll say it's a new way of eating cornbread! LOL What a terrible mum I am huh! hehehehehe

  14. This is something new to me ...Looks interesting :)
    Joyce, pls do participate in my ongoing event !!
    Shruti Rasoi
    Flavours of France Event

  15. Joyce, it does sound yummy. Hmmm...perhaps I can add bacon :)

  16. Hi Joyce, this cornbread still looks soft and moist even without cheese :)
    Thank you for your support and see you in "Mushroom" month, cheers!!!!

  17. Hi Joyce! Did you grow your own jalapeno? It's difficult to get fresh ones here in Singapore...

    Lovely corn bread!

    1. Hi Alvin,
      I bought the jalapeno from the supermarket. Not all supermarket sells these peppers! I love jalapenos and would get a pack whenever I can find it!

  18. Joyce,
    Your cornbread looks delicious !
    Moist and nice :D
    How I wish I can have a piece now!!

  19. It looks like a candied fruit cake :D
    It sounds very good, but I never tasted corn bread. I don't think we could find it in France.

  20. Joyce, your cornbread looks amazing! I've always wanted to make a spicy cornbread and this recipe is perfect with the cheese, chilies and corn...yummy!

    PS. Thanks for your kind words of sympathy. xo

  21. I love cornbread - especially with chicken! The jalapeno version sounds wonderful.