Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chicken Porridge

Nothing like home-cooked porridge. Or congee? Over here in Malaysia, this savoury rice dish is called porridge. This simple Chicken Porridge is a real favourite in my house. The garnishing of spring onions, crispy fried shallots and white pepper powder are an absolute must with this porridge, at least in my house!  I cooked this for the kids' after school lunch. They had seconds. Satisfied look on their faces showed that they have enjoyed their meal!

 This lovely bowl was handpainted by my sister back in 2004! Love this bowl!

(serves 3 to 4)
Ingredients :
half a chicken (keep the wing for other uses)
1-1/4 cup rice, washed and drain
3 litres water
2 slices ginger
3-4 nos spring onion, white part only, crushed lightly
salt to taste
1 tsp chicken stock powder
spring onions, chopped for garnishing
crispy fried onions, for garnishing
3-4 slices young ginger, cut to julienne strips, for garnishing
dash of white pepper
a few drops of sesame oil (optional)
a few drops of light soy sauce
  1. Boil water in deep stock pot, add in ginger slices, crushed spring onions and salt. When water comes to a boil, add in whole half chicken. Turn heat to medium and boil for about 35-40 minutes until chicken is cooked and tender. Remove chicken from pot and drain, let cool.
  2. Put rice in chicken stock, add the chicken stock powder and simmer over low fire for about an hour, adding hot water when it appears too thick and stirring constantly to avoid burning at the bottom of pot. 
  3. Meanwhile, separate the chicken meat from the bones. Discard the skin. You may shred the chicken meat or chop them up to small pieces. (I prefer chopped meat). Add the meat to the porridge above and continue to cook for another half an hour or so, adding hot water when necessary, stirring, until the desired consistency of the porridge is obtained. (I like the grains mushy and porridge slightly thick).
  4. Serve porridge garnished with dash of white pepper, chopped spring onions, crispy fried shallots and a few drops of light soy sauce. A few drops of sesame oil and some julienne young ginger strips may be sprinkled over if desired. Enjoy!


  1. yummylicious, one of my favourites but instead of keeping the wings, i keep the breasts , hehe!

  2. Beautiful, easy and delicious !!!!
    Thank you !

  3. Mmm, rice porridge is such a comforting dish. Yours looks so tasty.

  4. Chicken porridge is really absolutely delicious!
    Beautiful bowl.

  5. Such a filling and inviting chicken porridge..

  6. Oh you have me at chicken porridge! Looks so delicious!

  7. Oh my dear, this look so delicious and very comfortable for our body&soul

  8. Oh, your 'chook' looks very good! My family likes having 'Marmite' or 'yau tiew' with it. :)

  9. Your porridge looks so comforting and filling and delicious. I bet it's extremely tasty. And isn't our sister clever. I love the bowl!

  10. Whoops, I meant isn't YOUR sister clever, lol.

  11. This looks like comfort food! I'd love a nice hot bowl of it now. :)

  12. Congee! I love it! I've only ever had it plain, but no doubt the chicken would be a great flavour enhancer.

  13. I am not familiar with this dish, except by name. It looks delicious, I would be surprised by the flavor however, expecting sweet! It is always interesting to learn of other ways the same foods are prepared. Love that you served such a favorite in your special bowl!

  14. Hi friends,
    Thank you for visiting! Chicken porridge is comfort food alright. We can have it for breakfast, lunch and even supper! A definite all-time favourite! Have a lovely day, ladies!

    Hi Maggie,
    Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you will drop by again. Have a nice day!

  15. I loved this dish because I like chiken and my family too. Your recipes are always very special and tasty. Kisses.

  16. Hi Joy,
    Your Chicken Porridge looks so delicious in that special soup bowl. The soup looks very light and yet very comforting, I will try it very soon. Thank you so much for bringing it to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  17. Se ve una sopa delicosa,con la sustancia del pollo y más rica es servida en esos bowl muy bonitos,abrazos.

  18. What a comforting bowl of porridge! I'd love to come home to that! Delicious.

  19. This is always my number one comfort food...simple and delicious!

  20. Mmmm....that's a lovely bowl of porridge. I love porridge. It keeps me full fast but then I get hungry fast too. Sometimes when I don't cook porridge, I pour soup over rice and imagine it is porridge :D

  21. bestest!! ooh la la! slurp slurpp!

  22. That is just a delightful dish, I don't think I have ever has a savory porridge. I don't eat meat or chicken, but on occasion fish. I imagine this would be lovely with fish as well...
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  23. This looks so good!! I think I will try to make it. All your recipes sound delicious!!