Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Refreshing Apple and Honey Dates Drink, the Chinese Way

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! A glass of this delicious refreshing drink will do just the opposite, it will get everyone to your table, including the doctor! LOL! I have not made this drink in ages. I used to make this very often for my daughter when she was just a toddler. She absolutely loves this drink, she still does. If you happen to have more apples than you need, or perhaps your apples has seen better days, do not let them go to waste, just turn them into this refreshing drink, serve it chilled to your kids and wait for them to ask for a second glass! 

A cup of warm apple honey dates drink is really soothing on a cold day! Just sip, relax and enjoy!

You may use any types of apples. Use any amount of apples you want, there's no exact quantity. If the apples are really big, then a few might just be enough. All you need to do is just peel, core and cut them to big chunks.

These are the dried honey dates which can be found at most Chinese stores. We use these dates for soups, in some traditional herbal chinese medicine and also in desserts. That is why I always have a packet in my pantry! As the name implies, these dates are sweet, so usually, there is no need to add any sugar to this drink. If the apples are sour, then a little sugar may be added in, it is all a matter of your personal taste. I would prefer to add in more honey dates than adding sugar later (I did not add any sugar for this). I like apples that has a slight sourish yet sweet taste to it, pefect for this drink.

The apples and the honey dates goes into the stockpot.

A cup of warm delicious Apple Honey Dates drink is ready to be enjoyed! 

Serve chilled or cold with ice. Really refreshing!

Told you that they would request for a second glass!

Apple and Honey Dates Drink
(will yield approx about 10-12 cups of delicious drink)
20 small apples (may add more if you wish)
12-15 dried honey dates
5 litres water
rock sugar or granulated sugar (to taste, optional)

  1. Put water in deep stockpot, cover and bring to boil.
  2. Meanwhile, while waiting for water to boil, peel and core apples. Cut to big chunks.
  3. When water has come to a boil, add all the apples and the dried honey dates. Cover and allow to boil over medium high heat for about 30 minutes.
  4. Lower heat to medium low and boil for another 1 hour. Mash honey dates by pressing it against the stockpot with a ladle. You may add sugar at this stage if desired. Cover and allow to boil for another 30 minutes.
  5. Strain into a serving jug and serve either warm or cold with some ice. Or when drink is no longer hot, simply place the whole jug in the refrigerator to chill and enjoy this delicious drink chilled. Really refreshing! 


  1. What a fantastic drink!
    It looks delicious and full of vitamins (even cooked I guess).
    Can we drink it as well when we are coming down with a cold or not feel not 100%? DeeBee

  2. Hi DeeBee,
    Yes, it is really soothing when drink warm. A piece of cinnamon may be added in, as it is good for colds. Hope you give this a try!

  3. It looks healthy and delicious. Thanks for sharing this lovely drink.

  4. Such a refreshing and interesting drink..

  5. Joy, I'm a huge fan of dates but have never heard of them in a drink before. I, too, always have a package of dates laying around. What a wonderful and interesting drink!

  6. I never knew about honey dates before, they look very different from the kind in my kitchen. It is always fun to come here and learn something new and a new recipe too! thanks.

  7. That sounds really refreshing! I don't think we have honey dates here but I am sure other kinds of dates will work too.It will be good to have a warm cup of this drink now.

  8. Maravilhosa esta receita, adorei. Gosto muito de maçã e mel. Beijos.

  9. That's one great sounding drink! It sounds refreshingly delicious!

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I kind of remember, if we want to cure a cough, we should use pear instead of apple, right? I'm going to make this tomorrow. Btw, I do enjoy boiling a variety of health drinks regularly.

  11. Joy, this drink looks so delicious. I think I'd like to try it hot in the winter months and cold in the summer. YUM!

    I sent you a PM the other day about featuring you on my Hubpages...let me know if you got the email and if you would like to be featured...

  12. Your delicious drink also photographs beautifully. I'll have to give this a try. Blessings...Mary

  13. What wonterful idea !!!!
    We have in our garden a big aplle-tree, full of fruit in September !!
    I will do it, is very nice !!!
    Your photos are amazing !!
    Thank you

  14. what a wonderful and delicious drink !!!
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Did you know that the Chinese would boil apples and honey dates with the addition of 'sweet almonds' as a remedy for chesty cough? I was taught not to core the apples too because there are nutrients in the apple seeds. Of course I didn't do any research on this to back up the claims but I still enjoy the warm, soothing drink. :)

  16. I'd love to have a cup of this now all warmed up- It looks like the perfect comforting drink for a chilly winter evening! I'll have to find some honey dates. :)

  17. Looks very 'welcoming', this drink...

  18. Sharing this wonderful drink on my Wednesday post, thanks!

  19. Hi friends,
    Thank you for visiting. Hope you try out this drink, I'm sure that you will enjoy it!

    Hi One,
    That's right, we boil it with pears for cough. Hope you enjoy this!

    Hi KY,
    If using organic apples, you do not have to peel them! I guess leaving the seeds is OK too, just make sure to strain the drink before giving to little kids. I like drinking this both warm and cold.

    Hi Melynda,
    Thank you for sharing this on your Wednesday post! Really appreciate it!

  20. Oi tem um selinho para você no meu blog. Um abraço.

  21. I made my pear drink. Just read your instructions. Didn't smash those dates. Could have tasted better if I have followed your instruction carefully.

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