Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blitz Bread : No-Fuss Focaccia

No-Fuss Focaccia, is really no fuss at all! It is extremely easy and quick to put together, and you'll be enjoying it within two hours! And it is really tasty and good! Found this recipe from King Arthur's Flour, don't you just love this fabulous site, I do!

I made this twice actually, the first time we had it on its own with a cup of tea. It is really tasty and good enough to eat it as it is. The next day, I made it again, this time we ate it with a can of Campbell's Mushroom Soup. Simply dip into the hot soup, Yummy! This bread is best eaten on the day it is made.

Super easy to make. There's NO kneading! Just mix all ingredients in the cake mixer, after about a minute, the dough which is actually very soft and sticky, is placed in a greased baking pan. Cover with plastic wrap, make sure you grease the plastic wrap well. Leave it in a warm place to rise for about 1 hour.

After about an hour, it will be puffy and nice. Make indentations all over with your fingers and drizzle lightly with some olive oil all over and in the indentations. Sprinkle with any dried herbs you like, I use Pizza Seasoning,  and bake in the oven for about 35-40 minutes. Simple, isn't it?

Delicious smell from the oven when it is baking!

Leave it for 5 minutes in the pan after baking, and turn out to a wire rack to cool.

We eat it warm (couldn't wait!), really good!

I'll be making this again!

Great for weekend lunch!

Fluffy and soft!

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Blitz Bread : No-Fuss Focaccia
(source from : King Arthur's Flour)
1-1/2 cups warm water
3 tablespoons olive oil (plus additional for drizzling)
1-1/4 teaspoons salt
3-1/2 cups King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
1 tablespoon instant yeast
4 teaspoons Pizza Dough Flavour, optional
1/4 cup Vermont Cheese powder, optional
Pizza Seasoning, optional

  1. Lightly grease a 9" x 13" pan, and drizzle 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil in the bottom.
  2. Combine all of the ingredients, and beat at high speed with an electric mixer for 60 seconds.
  3. Scoop the sticky batter into the prepared pan, cover the pan, and let it rise at room temperature for 60 minutes, till it's become puffy.
  4. While the dough is rising, preheat the oven to 375F.
  5. Gently poke the dough all over with your index finger.
  6. Drizzle it lightly with olive oil, and sprinkle with pizza seasoning, and/or the dried herbs of your choice, if desired.
  7. Bake the bread till it's golden brown, 35 to 40 minutes.
  8. Remove it from the oven, wait 5 minutes, then turn it out of the pan onto a rack. Serve warm or at room temperature.


  1. i love Focaccia too, easy to do and nice to eat!

  2. This looks wonderful, I love delicious and easy. Especially on those busy days, thanks for sharing this great recipe.

  3. WOW! this is really fast and easy. and the focaccia look so delicious! (: (:

  4. So easy for a beginner in baking breads especially. thanks for sharing the recipe. Bookmarked.

  5. Focaccia is really hassle free and your's looks fluffy and delicious and I love the use of pizza seasoning!

  6. Te ha quedado muy buena.
    Un saludito

  7. I've made foccacia once before and found it very pliable. Your recipe sounds great, so I'll have to give that a try as well.

  8. This is a brilliant recipe!
    As I always mention I am not a "natural" cook but enormously enjoy others' cooking.
    I need simple recipes to feel that I am able!
    This is is simple as I wrote, yet it comes across as a sophisticated one as foccacia is almost the "food' to have these days. Especially for someone like me who enjoys Italian food.
    I am glad I learnt something today, thank you...

  9. My beloved friend
    Very easy and nise!!!
    I love so much the home-bred!!!
    Many greetings and kisses

  10. Bread looks super prefect,fluffy and light..

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    Hamaree Rasoi

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    Sunanda's Kitchen

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  19. I loved! Very good! Kisses, Marta

  20. I love focaccia! I've made this very same recipe - King Arthur is the best! It's so light and fluffy - I like toasting the leftovers and using them for sandwiches.

  21. Joy, how did I miss this recipe!? As you know, I'm addicted to KAF, lol. I thought I knew all their recipes. This is brilliant, so fast and easy and it looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing my friend, I can't wait to make this!

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    US Masala

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  31. I have always done lots of cooking & baking but never found anything so easy, I wish I had this recipe when my Husband & son were still around.
    Still make it for what family I still have left.
    I'll be 70 in a couple months. Thank you for the

  32. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for stopping by! Glad that you enjoyed this bread. It is a little bit too early, but would like to wish you Happy Birthday in advance! Enjoy your birthday! Have a lovely weekend!