Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orange Mille Crepe : Free And Easy Bake-Along #14, Theme : Pancakes And Crepes

It is great to Bake-Along with Lena and Zoe. Otherwise I do not think that I'll be making this Orange Mille Crepe which I have bookmarked to make ever since I bought the magazine back in May 2010. For this round, our theme is "Pancakes and Crepes", perfect to remove one post-it stickers among the many that pops up in my cookbooks and magazines! Don't you love it when one sticker is down? I feel happy when I do that! (wink!!)

The original recipe is called "Orange Flower Water Mille Crepe" but I do not have any Orange Flower Water, so I use some orange extract. According to the magazine, "Mille" means a thousand in French, and mille crepe is a sandwich cake made by stacking many layers of crepes. Between the crepes layers, add a layer of sweetened whipped cream or fruit jam."

Though the original recipe calls for either apricot jam or marmalade, I guess any favourite jam will do. For this, I used my own homemade Mango Jam.

I used a loose bottom cake pan when I stacked up the crepes with the filling. Either refrigerate to be served later or unmould the finished crepe, sliced and serve immediately.

Do you have a jar of forgotten jam that has been sitting in the fridge, completely forgotten? Then this is a great way of using all that jam! You can prepare the crepe up to a day ahead, keep covered in the refrigerator and assemble the next day, that's what I did.

Cut to wedges, dust the top with icing sugar if you like, and serve.

Simply delightful!

To see Lena's, Zoe's and the others yummy pancakes and crepes, click on the links below. For our next Bake-Along, we will be baking Apricot Walnut Bars from Bon Appetit Desserts Cookbook, page 595, or you can get the recipe here. Join us in our Bake-Along on 22nd Dec. See you!


Orange Mille Crepe
(adapted from "flavours" magazine, May-June 2010 issue)
For the Sweet Crepe batter
250gm flour
3 eggs
1 pinch salt
50gm caster sugar
500ml milk
50gm butter, melted
2 tablespoons orange flower water (I use 1 teaspoon orange extract)
grated zest of an orange 

To prepare batter : Place the flour in a mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Add eggs, salt and sugar. Add a little bit of milk and whisk until smooth. Add the rest of the milk, whisk and rest batter for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator - preferably overnight. Strain and add melted butter, orange flower water and orange zest, mix well.

To cook crepe : Brush pan with oil and place over low heat. When hot, but not smoking, pour a ladleful of batter into the pan - just enough to coat the base in a thin layer when pan is swirled. Cook for about 30 seconds. Flip the crepe over to cook the other side for another 30 seconds. Set aside. Repeat, stacking up the crepes as you work.

For The Chantilly
200ml whipping cream
40gm icing sugar
200gm apricot jam or marmalade (I use my homemade mango jam)
icing sugar for dusting
edible flowers for decorating (optional)

To prepare chantilly : In a mixing bowl, combine the cream and icing sugar and beat on medium to high speed until thick and stiff. Chill in the refrigerator.

To assemble : Using a spatula or pastry scraper, spread a layer of Chantilly on the first crepe. Top with another crepe and spread with apricot jam or marmalade. Repeat the layers, alternating the Chantilly and fruit jam filling each time to use up the crepes, or until you have a cake with a height of 6 to 8cm. Use a ring mould to help you do this if you like. Dust the top with icing sugar and decorate with edible flowers, if desired.


  1. Delicious looking crepes dear.

  2. mi desayuno ideal lucen perfectos,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  3. You are so amazing to create a crepe cake like this. It looks perfect. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to make one too.

  4. The crepes look delicious! Gave me an inspiration to make a crepe cake for Christmas!

  5. Hi, how you doin'? Wow! I love these! I think 6 pieces should be no problems. Looks sinfully delicious!
    Next time try with Maple syrup?
    Wish I am your neighbour, ha ha, then pretend borrow sugar get invited eat these, ha ha ha.

    Would you mind I copy the last picture? I'll display it next time I blog about beautiful women who are gourmet cooks....instead of cars and sex, ha ha. Will credit you of course. Can or not?
    You keep a song in your heart, stay young.

  6. Lucky that you have made these crepes! They look very delicious. I do agree that our bake-along has broaden my horizon of baking/cooking too, otherwise I wouldn't make my GREEN crepes. LOL.

  7. i'm never good at making crepes..i've tried once, my crepes were just too oily!joyce, you're really so serious bookmarking all the recipes that you put post it stickers, huh?

  8. sorry, this time i need to skip this bake-along. Your hardwork of preparing this crepe is pay off as it look so tempting and yummy.

  9. Omg, stunning and super irresistible orange mille crepes..makes me drool.

  10. you have given me new ideas on my crepe cake that I done a while ago.

    This looks lovely.

  11. Super thin crepes! I would love some for the dessert!

  12. I have made this mille crepe cake before so I know it was delicious! Only problem is it took a lot of work to assemble, so once is enough for me lol!

  13. Beautiful, thin pancakes! They look so delicious with the jam - that would be my choice too.

  14. All those layers look so decadent and tasty right now!

  15. This looks heavenly, and I love your idea of using your home-made mango jam. I'm thinking a lemon curd or a passionfruit curd would also work nicely.

    Yes, it's a great sense of satisfaction when you get to pluck off one of those post-it notes. Maybe you'd like to remove a few more of them by joining in with Cookbook Sundays, which moves to my blog from this coming Sunday and will once again be a weekly event - plenty of opportunity to lift some more of those stickies :-)

    Sue xo

  16. Love those layered decadence. The citrusy flavor must be awesome.

  17. I love crepes- people don't realize just how easy they really are and how much better they are than the storebought ones. Love the orange addition

  18. Hi Joyce,
    Same here, I have one mile crepe recipe bookmarked for so long I havent tried
    Looking your delicious crepe makes me want to try too
    Nice nice nice! *drool* :)
    Will post my pancake tomorrow :)

  19. these crepes look absolutely amazing!! I love them:)

  20. beautiful crepes with homemade jam will be a perfect breakfast!

  21. Wow dear... crepes are awesome taste bud is dancing within to have the treat!:)

  22. crepes.. that is indeed delicious.

  23. Hello, your pancakes are beautiful, what a beautiful presentation.
    My kids love pancakes;)
    Thanks for your visit, good weekend, kisses dear:)

  24. My mom used to make a similar dish, she always used sparkling water in her crepe batter, she said it made it lighter! I love the look of the layers.

  25. Hi Joy, I've linked my Chocolate Chip and Feta Pancakes...sorry I spelled Chip with and! Your crepes look simply delectable!!

    I wish you all the best this Christmas and great blessing for the New Year! You are so special to me as a friend and fellow food blogger! Thank you for sharing all of your ridiculously delicious recipes with me! You are a true inspiration♥

  26. Dear Joyce, thanks so much for stopping by to say hi, I appreciate it. It's been a long time since I've blogged... I haven't had the time to sit down and do it with my parents here! I thought I left a comment on this post when I read it but apparently I haven't! I love mille crepe, I first had it at a party but didn't ask the host for the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, I'm glad you did. :)

  27. I will make sure to try this version of crepe cake soon. looks delicious. LOL

  28. I adore Mille Crepes...this looks so good! And I love, love that last photo :)

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