Thursday, September 20, 2012

THB : Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte & Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt

Bake No. 9 at The Home Bakers (THB). For this round of bake, Jasline from Food Is My Life has chosen Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte. Jasline is a talented baker and she always provides step-by-step photos for her bakes, a dedicated baker and blogger! If you have not already known Jasline, then stop by her wonderful blog and say hi!

Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte is really like a crumble without any filling underneath! So if you love eating crumbles with crunchy top, then you would fall for this! The good thing is, it has no butter or oil whatsoever, I would consider it a healthy choice for a delicious satisfying dessert!

I made half a recipe, and baked in a 6-inch pie plate. I was curious how this torte would turn out, as it contains very little flour. The only changes I made was to reduced the brown sugar to 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup for half a recipe. Option to use walnuts or pecans, and I used walnuts. Again the choice of whether to lightly toast the nuts, and due to laziness, I just mixed them in without toasting.

The original recipe calls for the full recipe to be baked in a 9-inch pie pan for 30 minutes. I find that it took exactly the same amount of time, 30 minutes to bake my 6-inch pie plate crumbles for it to turn all brown and nice.

There are four of us in my family, and each gets a quarter. I use a mixture of black and golden raisins and they are plump and juicy when baked. The apples has a slight crunch, and the walnuts are crunchy and nutty. The rest of the ingredients are a little amount of flour, an egg, vanilla extract and of course, the apples' best friend, the cinnamon!  

I served it with my homemade frozen vanilla yoghurt. 

This is the perfect dessert! The smooth creamy frozen yoghurt with a slight sourish tang is perfect eaten with this torte. You would not feel guilty eating this delightful dessert, it is almost fat free! wink! wink ( I say "almost" because the yoghurt is made from full cream milk, and is yummy eaten on its own! And even delicious made into frozen yoghurt!).
Overall review : This is a delicious torte, simply a pleasure to eat. I like it that it is so easy to make, and is really good, served with some frozen yoghurt or ice cream.

If you would like to give this torte a try, please do visit Jasline for the full recipe. And to see the rest of my fellow bakers delightful torte, please drop by The Home Bakers (THB).

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Here's the recipe for the Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt :
Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt
(adapted from : The Perfect Scoop, David Lebovitz)
3 cups full-cream homemade yoghurt (I use 2-1/3 cup homemade yoghurt, that was what I had left)
1 cup sugar (I use only 1/4 cup)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix together the yoghurt, sugar, and vanilla. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
Freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.


  1. I'm excited to start baking with apples again. I'm definitely going to try this recipe!

  2. Hi Joyce,

    Your apple torte holds its shape very well. I should cut my apples into smaller dices and that's might hold the torte better... Nevermind, it is nice too eating my "torte" in a bowl.


    1. Hi Joyce,

      Saw your comment at my blog...

      I hope I didn't scare you too much. I hope that I didn't seem too negative to you. I'm sorry for being so fussy with recipes and picky or "anXX" with details :D

      This bake is very delicious to eat and so... no worries!!! LOL!


    2. Hi Zoe, haha! It was a spontaneous reaction when I read your disappointment at first! I'm glad that you find you like it in the end! Don't worry about it, pal! There's nothing to apologize for! :)

  3. Totally scrumptious - makes me happy just to look at it!
    Mary x

  4. Hi Joyce, yes, your torte really holds up well, mine fell apart! I really love this too as its so healthy. Will post mine up tomorrow. Have a great day!

  5. Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte, wow, I can smell the cinnamon from here. And it goes well with ice cream yogurt~

  6. very nice and delicious looking of your torte, Joyce :)

  7. Irresistible torte, simply loving it.

  8. how come you can cut your torte so nice? LOL! i had to scoop mine out from the dish. agree with you that it's quite delicious and never guilty even eating with ice cream! come join me next time for breakfast!

  9. wow very healthy and when served with ice cream, sure will not feel guilty anymore
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    South Indian Cooking (SIC) Series

  10. Beautiful autumn flavours! Perfect to serve with ice cream.

  11. Yours torte looks very good. I have wondering what is a torte, now at least I know what is it.

  12. Lovely torte & I love the crumble & the crunchy top ! A great dessert & agreed that it's a healthy dessert that I will certainly make this as our new autumn dessert! :)

  13. Hi Joyce, your torte looks delicious and it holds really well - I had a little trouble scooping it out from my muffin pan initially haha. I also love the fact that this cake uses no butter at all - can eat more without feeling so guilty! Have a great day ahead!

  14. Fall baking is extra special. I love apples. Yours came out to be tempting and attractive. Yummy.

  15. Totally scrumptious! Making this tomorrow. By far, i think, yours look the best one which holds its shape.
    Have a fab weekend!

  16. I lau nuar with yours, zoe's, lena's and kit's torte kit also kena suck into your cooking fever..heeheehehe..

  17. This just looks and sounds so delicious!! Cake with apples perfect for fall! Yum!

  18. Joyce , utterly delicious ! I guess , there's more room in my ever expanding tummy for your torte ! Adding an ice cream is a must ! lol

  19. Hi Joyce,
    I love apple crumble so I am sure I will love this torte too. Actually I haven't made apple crumble or apple pie in a couple of years so I'm looking forward to this bake. Autumn is upon us here so would be nice to eat it warm with custard :)

  20. The taste was amazing but it was very difficult to keep it together! I liked it though and I will make it again in smaller ramekins! On to the next one!!!

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