Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank You, Rick : IHCC

Adios y Gracias, Rick!  Goodbye and Thank you, Rick! I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC) has been cooking from chef Rick Bayless's recipes for the past six months and it is time to say goodbye! We will be starting with another chef for the next 6 months.

My last recipe cooking from Rick ends with this "Creamy Chicken and Greens with Roasted Jalapenos" and I've listed out six of my most favourite recipes from Rick Bayless that I've tried out for the past six months. I wanted to choose only five, but ended up with six instead!

For the recipe, you may get it from here.
This recipes uses poblanos chiles, but since I could not find any poblanos and I have about 6 medium jalapenos left, I used that instead. For the past six months that I have been cooking from Rick Bayless's recipes, this is my least favourite. Somehow, it is just not for me. Just as the name of the recipe says, this is creamy, and tasty too and may be alright for some, like the hubby, he had a second helping! But, hey, considering that this is the only dish that I am not crazy about among all the dishes that I've tried, Rick Bayless is definitely in the list of one of my favourite new-found chefs!

Let's take a look at my favourites:

Here are my six favorites :

Love this salsa! It is so simple, yet so full of flavour. First time that I've made salsa and love it. Great with eggs, sandwiches, tortilla chips and just about anything.

This lovely pesto is just so delicious! I finished almost all of it by spreading it on bread, yums! So little ingredients that packed so much taste and flavour! One other thing I've learnt is that Mexican cuisine uses lots of cilantro, and since I'm a cilantro fan, it suits me just fine!

Another delicious recipe from Rick Bayless. This is a total winner with my kids! The salty olives with the sweet raisins, salsa and minced meat, makes the filling absolutely delicious! 

These meatballs are simple delicious! They are chewy and very tasty, along with the cumin scented sauce, is so good eaten over pasta!

I am a fan of cornbread and these are downright YUMMY! If you love cornbread, you should really give this a try!

I have never made any guacomole before this! And I'm totally into guacomole now! All the wonderful flavours from the avocado, lime, mango, onions, chillies and corianders comes together in one amazing mix! Eaten with tortilla chips is so addictive! 

I have learnt a little more about Mexican Cuisine, which is totally something new to me before this. Sourcing for ingredients like chorizo, poblanos and chipotle among other things is really a challenge, as they are not easily available over here. One thing that I've learnt from these 6 months is that roasted peppers and garlic smells incredibly good! There are lots of other recipes that are new and unfamiliar to me, but in time, hopefully I'll find some time to cover just that. Thank you, Chef Rick Bayless, for the past six delicious months! 

IHCC will be cooking with another chef, Madhur Jaffrey starting from October. We are going for Indian Cuisine and I am pretty excited, as Indian Cuisine is one of my favourites. My spices are all stock up and ready to go!

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To view other yummies from my friends, please do drop by IHCC and  if you are interested to join us, check out the Welcome Page for the full details.


  1. Hayırlı sabahlar, ellerinize sağlık. Çok iştah açıcı görünüyor. İyi hafta sonları.


  2. How I wish to have some of your skills dear! Mouthwatering :)))

  3. Absolutely agree with your roundup! Delish-ness all of them!

  4. Euleen Hundred Eighty DegreesSunday, September 30, 2012

    I love Moroccan Meatball in Tomato Sauce..

  5. Joyce , I love you recipe roundup ! The meatballs and the picadillo taco especially :D I've seen one of his book at the library last time , will have to check it out !

  6. Joyce, what a lovely recipe round up! Makes my mouth water especially all the spiciness in the dishes. My favorite would be the Picadillo Tacos. Can't wait to see who the next chef that you'll be cooking along from....

  7. am sure your family has enjoyed eating your mexican dishes too! i know madhur is famous for her your family will be looking forward to your spicy months!!

  8. The creamy chicken tacos look so comforting and delicious. A fabulous dish to say farewell with! Loved the recap of your faves, from the meatballs to the cornbread (I totally want that cornbread)! So glad to have you along on our journey with Rick.

  9. Sorry things ended on a bummer. The recipe title sounds good to me too. Nice round-up.

  10. I love how creamy those tacos look--yum! You made some fabulous dishes with Rick these past few months--I am looking forward to seeing what you make with Madhur.

  11. I've loved learning about Mexican cuisine with Rick too, and you have such a fabulous round-up!

  12. Joyce,
    I like 3 out of your 6 choices. They are Picadillo tacos, Morocco meat balls in tomato sauce and mango guacamole.
    They sound so so yummy!