Tuesday, May 14, 2013

English Muffins : ABC May 2013

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"English Muffins" is this month's bake at Avid Baker's Challenge (ABC). That is one more item off my list of to-do! I have always wanted to try English Muffins, but with so many bakes to try, somehow it has not reached  the top of my list, that is until ABC's chosen bake for May is English Muffins! ABC is currently baking from King Arthur Flour's website until December, where a different recipe will be chosen each month. 

I am a little late for this month's link at ABC. These muffins was made more than a month ago, and  only completed the post a couple of days ago (smiling sheepishly!!!). So here it is: 

  1. Make the dough. I used the stand mixer to knead the dough. Let it rise for 1-2 hours, deflate gently and divide dough into two equal portions. 
  2. Divide each portion into six equal pieces. Shape each piece into a ball, then flatten until they're about 3 to 3-1/2" in diameter. Cover and let rest for 20 minutes until they puffed a little.
  3. Sprinkle a saucepan with some cornmeal, place the muffins and sprinkle the top with more cornmeal. Cook the muffins over low heat for 7-15 minutes. 
  4. The muffins puffed up during cooking.
  5. Turn muffins over and cook the other side until light brown. To make sure the muffins are fully cooked inside, remove muffins to a baking sheet and continue to bake in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  6. Remove muffins and let cool on wire rack.

English Muffins are not supposed to look like buns, so if it is puffing up like a bun, you may want to weigh them down gently during cooking by placing a baking sheet over the top. But I did not bother to do that, I don't mind the very puffy muffins!

Split it the traditional way. English Muffins should not be sliced with a knife, rather split it open by using a fork, working it round the sides and split it open gently. Reason is fork-split muffins would have nooks and crannies, see above, while cut-muffins don't.

Eat it like the English would, toast the split muffins under the broiler for about 2 mins till brown and spread some butter over, it would melt deliciously on the hot muffins, and ....

.......  spread with your favourite jam. I've used my homemade Kumquat Marmalade, so good! Makes the perfect breakfast! 

Overall review : These English Muffins are really good! I love the soft chewiness of the outer crust, and the soft and tasty texture on the inside. I would definitely make this again! Having it split and broiled, and spread with a generous amount of butter and jam, is simply delightful!
It is even great made as a sandwich bread, which we had for our dinner with homemade meat patties.

For the full recipe for this English Muffins, you may refer to King Arthur Flour.

ABC source in 2013     Avid Baker's Challenge

To view the other members bake on this bread, please stop by Avid Baker's Challenge (ABC). We are currently baking from King Arthur Flour website, if you are interested to join in, please contact Hanaa.


  1. Hi Joyce, I actually made these last weekend but have not put up the post yet....yours looks so much better, mine are in different sizes lol!

  2. I LOVE English muffins but your homemade ones look sensational!! SO delicious :))
    Mary x

  3. hello kitchen flavours these look real good and fluffily and airy too, good work..

  4. I love this with eggs on top. Ur home made ones looks very good!

  5. I live in England and I think these look just perfect.

  6. These English muffins look heavenly especially with some melting butter .YUM ! ;)

  7. Joyce, they turned out beautiful. You can tell they're super soft and fluffy. We loved these too. I don't think I'll ever buy them at the store again. I froze leftovers and am still enjoying them. I'm going to have to make a new batch pretty soon though :)

  8. Joyce, I have never had English muffins before and looking at yours, I am sure they are really yummy! I regretted not eating breakfast this morning because all this early morning visits are making me hungry hah! hah!

  9. Oooh, your english muffin looks good joyce...the usual muffins i had fr Macs, Sausage McMuffin..hehehe...
    I have been wanting to try making one for quite awhile... perhaps i shld attempt one soon huh...better run off to e baking shop to get some corn meal...

  10. I want to try make this as I love McDonald's McMuffins and these are perfect for making up my own McDonalds meal at home!

  11. Looks FAB! Hope to give this a try too!

  12. Joyce, I can't remember whether I have English muffin. They look quite different from the usual muffins, aren't they?

    1. Hi Jessie,
      These muffins are not the same as the regular sweet muffins. These English muffins are closer to the texture of a bread, but very tasty. It has a soft chewy crust and moist, soft texture on the insides. You may have eaten these at McDonalds, breakfast McMuffins? But these are much better than McDonals!

  13. I love sausage Mcmuffin with egg . Yup , I can see that they are fluffier than the ones at Mcdo and I bet taste way better as well ! I never knew that there is the traditional way of cutting the English muffins :D

  14. Wow...se ve muy tentador muy sabroso ricos muffins recuerdos de fin de semana,abrazos y abrazos.

  15. finally you made english muffins! that was long time ago that you told me that..yeah, those nooks and crannies are the characteristics of the inside of the split muffin.hehe..

  16. I love these muffins look amazing!:)

  17. These English muffins look wonderful. I do love King Arthur Flour recipes they are always good. Have a beautiful day. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  18. Joyce, I love them too! a keeper recipe indeed :)