Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fig and Honey Pannacotta

I harvested a few ripe figs from my fig plant, and make this delicious cold dessert, Fig and Honey Pannacotta. 

The recipe uses sheets of gelatin but I have used gelatin granules instead. Honey may be substituted with sugar if you prefer. I have made this dessert a couple of times and find that most of the fig slices do not remain adhere to the side of the bowl, but that is OK, as the dessert still tastes yummy!

Refrigerate the pannacotta overnight, and the next day you will have a delightful cold creamy luscious dessert to enjoy after a dinner meal. Delicious with the light tasting honey, and refreshingly good with the sweet fig slices! Yummy! 

(my adaptation listed in blue)
Fig and Honey Pannacotta
(desserts by Michel Roux)
1-1/2 sheets leaf gelatin (2 tsps gelatin granules)
1-1/4 cups (300ml) heavy cream (1-1/2 cups)
scant 1 cup (200ml) milk
generous 1/4 cup (100gm) honey, or scant 1/2 cup (80gm) superfine sugar (I use orange blossom honey)
2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise (I use 1/4 tsp vanilla extract)
3 ripe fresh figs, sliced into fine circles

Soak the gelatin in cold water to cover for about 5 minutes. (If using gelatin granules : measure 2 tablespoons of warm water in a small microwavable bowl, scatter the gelatin granules over, and leave for a few minutes to soften. Microwave on high on 10 seconds spurts, stir, and repeat until the gelatin has fully dissolved). Heat the cream, milk, honey or sugar, and vanilla beans in a pan, stirring from time to time, until the mixture almost reaches a boil, then remove from the heat. Immediately drain the gelatin and squeeze out excess water, then add (the dissolved gelatin granules) to the creamy milk, stirring until completely melted.
Strain the mixture through a fine strainer or chinois into a bowl. Stand in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes and a little water to cool quickly, stirring from time to time, until it is nearly cold.
Meanwhile, arrange fig slices around the sides of 6-8 individual glass bowls or cups (measuring about 3-1/4 inches/8cm across the top), making sure they adhere; save 6-8 slices for decoration. Carefully pour in the pannacotta mixture, ensuring it covers the figs. Refrigerate until set, at least 2 hours, or overnight if preparing ahead.
Remove from the refrigerator about 10 minutes before serving. Top each pannacotta with a fig slice to serve.

kitchen flavour's notes :
2 teaspoons of gelatin granules gives a softer set, which we prefer. For a firmer set, add a little more of the granules.

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  1. Very yummy and tempting with the combo of honey and fig!

  2. Hi Joyce, I love fresh fig with honey and yogurt. Thanks for sharing this Fig and Honey Pannacotta, another cold refreshing dessert that I like to make.