Thursday, November 6, 2014

French Macaron : Bake-Along #70

This week's Bake-Along theme, French Macaron was selected by Zoe to bake together with Lena and myself, and anyone who wishes to bake-along with us.

It has been exactly a year ago that I've posted my very first macaron, here. Ever since then, my daughter has made it a couple of times. For our Bake-Along, I've decided to try another recipe, with slightly different method of mixing the batter, but I failed. My macarons has no pied (no feet)! So I've made it a second time, this time going back to the reliable recipe which I've first tried a year ago, from Joy of Baking.

French Macaron with Lemon Curd Filling

Macaron batter are piped and left to dry out a little, which takes about an hour, in our humid weather. I should have wet my finger and bring those peaks down, but did not, thinking that they will settle down eventually. Well, I should have.....!!

Since I've decided to use lemon curd as the filling, I've coloured the macaron with lemon yellow gel food colouring, and added in 1 teaspoon of lemon essence to the batter.

The most exciting part when making this macaron, is when they finally go into the oven. Then the waiting! For that pied! Ooh.. the number of times I peaked into the oven, with my fingers crossed! At the end of it, the result can either make you smile really big, or wish you have never heard of macaron before! 

For the lemon curd recipe, I've used David Lebovitz's which I've made before.

My macarons can barely stand on their own, because of the peaks! Oh well, lesson learnt, do not assume the peaks will eventually settle down the next time! 

and do not over-stuff the filling, like the one on the right!

Looks like there will be more macaron making in the future, with lots of areas to perfect!

I'm not listing down the recipe for the macarons, since I've posted it before here, or you may get it directly from Joy of Baking. The difference is I've added a teaspoon of lemon essence and some lemon yellow gel food colour to the meringue, after the meringue holds stiff peak. Whisk in the essence and colour gel gently just until incorporated, and proceed with the rest of  the recipe.
The same goes with the lemon curd recipe, which I have posted before, here.


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  1. Hi Joyce,

    I like the way you used lemon curd to sandwich your macarons. The tangy taste will compliment the sweet crusty taste of the macarons.

    Like you said, I will be baking more macarons often because we really love it and I have not perfect baking chocolate macaron yet :p Lena's ones look really good!!!


  2. I love yours macarons Joyce and love with lemon curd!
    Look delicious!

  3. Joyce, your French macaron may not be perfect but they certainly are cute and made me smile! I especially like the photo of the 3 macarons in a row. The one on the right looked like it fell asleep LOL! This is probably something I won't attempt as I know I will mess up hah..hah...

  4. Your macarons are perfect, Joyce. I love the lemon flavour.

  5. Hi Joyce, I've eaten macarons bought from bakeries but I find them too sweet. My girl wanted me to make some so I had my first try few months ago ... haiz total failure ... no feet, cracked and flat.
    Seeing your lovely macarons making me 'scratching my hands' again.

  6. I love the lemon colour of these macaron. Very pretty!

  7. hi joyce, i also used joy of baking's recipe and watched the video several times. Looking at your macarons, reminds me of a blogger last time who baked her macarons who also turned out with a peak and she mentioned the macarons got nipples :D

  8. Hi Joyce, I made lemon curd macarons before but didn't colour the shells. Love that you colour the shells, much prettier than mine!

  9. I would love these lemony delights! They look like they're wearing little hats :)

  10. Hi Joyce, these lemony macarons are unique as they look like spinning tops, love to try it!

  11. your macaron look so cute! reminds me of the top we use to play with

  12. ok Joyce! Noted those points. But the colour is pretty!

  13. Joyce, your macarons look so light and airy...never mind the points, that is just an added beauty of its own. Love the lemony flavor, and kudos for you to make these amazing macarons! xo

  14. Hi Joyce,
    I am admiring yours and others blogger friends macarons. They looks fabulous.
    I tried to bake some but they didn't turn well. The shells are hollow :(
    Will try to bake some again :)