Thursday, June 4, 2015

Croissant : Bake-Along #80

Bake-Along #80 theme bake is "Croissant", selected by Lena, to bake together with Zoe, myself and anyone who wishes to bake-along with us. When Lena suggested Croissant as our bake-along, I have mixed reactions to it, LOL! Firstly, croissant has been on my list for ages. This very "leceh" (troublesome!) yeasted pastry is a challenge indeed to make in our super hot blazing weather and I'm not sure whether I could pull it through. But I would love to give it a try, so why not! And tried it I did, a total of 4 times! And I failed in all tries!

Croissant is a yeasted pastry with a layer of butter enclosed in between two layers of yeasted dough. It is then rolled and folded (laminating process), which is repeated three times, then the final rolling to a very thin layer, cut to triangles and rolled into croissants. In between all the rolling and folding, the dough has to be refrigerated to keep it cool at all times. Some of the recipes requires that in the initial stage, the dough need to be refrigerated overnight, before it is rolled and folded the next day. Then again, before the final rolling and cutting, the dough is refrigerated once again overnight. It takes about 2-3 days, depending on the recipe, to make a batch of croissant. 

The first recipe I tried, the yeast did not rise at all. What a bummer! The second time I  made it using a different recipe (Bourke Street Bakery), I made half a recipe. During the laminating process, the butter leaks out, and I am unable to roll it out, even when I tried patching it with flour. In the end, I baked the croissant as squares as I did not manage to roll it out thinly. It was really ugly, but my goodness, it tasted awesome! The top is all crispy with soft chewy bread-like centres, and deliciously buttery! 

Dissatisfied, I tried making it again with the same recipe, but again, the butter softened really fast, even though I refrigerated the dough very often in between rolling, and was extra careful with the rolling. I failed again and that dough landed in the bin. After wasting a few bars of butters, and the time spent on it, I was feeling very frustrated, and asked Lena how her croissant was. Lena gave me the link to this recipe and I thought that whether successful or not, I'll just try this one more time. I was glad that this is a small recipe, it is easier to handle.

I did manage to roll it out thinly, cut it and shape into croissants.

.... and baked them till golden brown.

but I am not satisfied with this at all. These are far from perfect!

I love eating croissants and I'm not giving up on my attempt to make them again. There are many areas for me to improve. Making these yeasted pastry in our hot weather is very, very, challenging, and very, very, frustrating! I will have to make a few adjustments to that! 

Anyone interested to try your hands at making this really challenging Croissants? Please do! Join us, and link your post in our linky below.

I'm not giving the recipe, but if you would like to give it a try, you can find it here.


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  1. Hi Joyce,

    Totally agree with you that baking croissants is very challenging. I have tried making them when I was living Singapore but fail fail fail like mad!!! LOL!

    Despite that it was a mild day when I shaped my croissants, I have managed to bake mine with Bouchon Bakery recipe. phew! Very stressful!!!


  2. Hi Joyce!
    Nice try on the croissant. It was def a challenging recipe esp the laminating part. You did it well! :}

  3. They look so beautifully flaky and delicious. I haven't baked croissant in years and this just reminds me how much I miss it!

  4. i understand your frustrations! dont scold me for choosing this theme know la, anything difficult to make, i sure pull u and zoe to bake with me :D

  5. Joyce, I applaud your bravery. This is a recipe that make me shudder though it's my favourite thing to eat in the morning. I will die for croissants. Ok lah, not die, just melt. Haha!! Your attempt for this finicky croissants make me feel brave. I think I might want to try this soon and bake along with Zoe and Lena too :)

  6. I will try to attempt this after my trip. Hopefully mine will be as nice as yours.

  7. Hi Joyce,
    Good try. Thanks for sharing your experience and your frustrations. Yes sometimes I just use store bought puff pastry already made me sweating in the hot kitchen. I dare not take up the challenge of baking croissant from scratch.

  8. yummm ... sounds like a lot of work and tears, and for me it looks pretty perfect..

  9. Joyce..I am giving this bake a miss...i hadn't had the courage like you did to make such lovely croissants..

  10. Hi Joyce, croissant is my favourite but I have not baked it for a long, long time. I used to bake big ones in big quantity and freezed them up. Before serving, I'll warm it and stuff it with various kinds of savoury fillings from tuna to mashed eggs etc. After devouring these for awhile, I have to abstain from eating croissants [order by Dr] cos' my cholesterol shot up to record high. I think it must be the high fat content. Anyway, croissants are lovely. I still eat it occasionally and hope I can find a healthier version, hehehe!