Friday, March 8, 2013

THB : Orange-Frosted Sponge Cake

The Home Bakers (THB) is back again this month after a month's break in February. This week's bake, Orange-Frosted Sponge Cake is chosen by Mimi of MiMi Bakery House. Hop on over to Mimi's wonderful blog for the full recipe, and while you are there, check out her other lovely bakes!

As with most sponge cakes, this does not contain any oil at all! Yup, you can eat a few slices without feeling all that guilt! 

The cake bakes up really tall and mighty! With nice golden colour, spongy, fluffy and cottony soft. As usual I reduced the sugar, to 1/3 cup (from original 1 cup) for the batter and 1/4 cup (from original 1/2 cup) for the egg whites. But I have reduced it too much this time round, as I find that it is not sweet enough! I have added in the orange zest since the juice was needed for the batter, might as well use the zest instead of throwing the orange skin away. And instead of vanilla extract, I have used orange extract.

At first, I thought of making some fruit compote to spoon over the cake, but then decided to make the orange frosting, since I seldom frost my cakes, and after all, the name of this cake is Orange-Frosted Sponge Cake! The frosting is made up of some butter, confectioners' sugar and orange juice. Recipe calls for thawed frozen orange juice concentrate, didn't have that, so I used about 5 tablespoons of fresh orange juice to get the consistency of frosting that I want. When I made the frosting, it does not look like it will be enough to cover the whole cake, but it was just the right amount.

A slice of Orange-Frosted Sponge Cake. 

Overall review : nice, soft and fluffy cake. That being said, I am not a fan of sponge cake without any oil. But then, I like the Orange Frosting!  There is nothing wrong with this cake, it bakes up perfectly, it is just my personal preference, as I find that sponge cakes are always a little dry. I once made a sponge cake for another baking group, Mile-High Vanilla Sponge Cake, and just like this cake, it was lovely, but then again, I am not a huge fan of it too.  

Please do visit the host of this bake, Mimi from MiMi Bakery House for the full recipe.  To view the other members bake on this cake, please drop by The Home Bakers (THB).

Welcome to The Home Bakers

We are a group of home bakers who are currently baking from "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas, until each recipe from this book has been baked. This is our bake no. 15 and we have 45 recipes more to go. If you are interested to be a member and join in our bakes, you may drop me an email at



  1. Hi Joyce, ooh very tall cake you got there!

    It was a weeee bit dry but after two days (DH's share) in the fridge it was okay. Boss man raves about it and asked when again am I baking this for him!

    Will bake this again in mini-s and will frost a few! ie if I bake tonight!

  2. Hi Joyce, it looks like a chiffon cake. Hmmm...what is the difference? I have not eaten a sponge cake made without oil. Whatever it is, your sponge looks lovely - airy and fluffy. I am imagining the nice orangey aroma from the cake and frosting :)

  3. Joyce, this orange sponge cake looking very cottony soft. At first I thought you type the title wrongly instead of chiffon you type out as sponge.... they do look very similar in texture other than the difference added with or without the oil between these two type of sponge and chiffon cakes.

  4. The cake rose up so well, looks so soft and nice.

  5. Hey Joyce...yes... the ting abt tis cake is guilt free & it rose high n tall... we all loved tis cake very much too... i jus had a slice for b/f:))

  6. Guilt-free cake? I want a slice, nope few slices of those!!!

    You have a great weekend, Joyce!

  7. Wow! Love your frosting & it rose so high too! The white fristing look so elegant! Yes, that's what I like about this cake, guilt free ! I can makan the whole cake without rushing to gym! LOL Have a wonderful weekend, Joyce ! ;)

  8. Cake looks super light,fluffy n incredible.

  9. Hehe I think I would like your orange frosting too. :)

  10. Joyce, your cake looks really good and it definitely looks like a chiffon cake except that it's a sponge cake. The orange frosting looks good ;) I'm having ideas on baking mine this weekend. Hopefully it'll turn out well like yours :):)

  11. aiyo.. air liur meleleh. I tak kambuan la. mesti buat sampe jadi. I tried to make a few times and each time terbantat! Cekik darah betul.

  12. Can't tell this sponge cake is baked without any oil! Looks great!

  13. I can't wait to try this! I just bought a sponge cake pan!

  14. i don't know how you can not be a big fan of sponge when you can cook them so well, anyways that is what the frosting is for :)

  15. Joyce , that cake looks tall and mighty indeed ! Love the orange frosting as well :)

  16. you find it dry? i guess i will hv to bake mine to find out :)

  17. Your cake is really beautiful : simple but perfect ! A Perfect circle ! I would like to taste a slice, now ...

  18. It looks beautiful. Chanced upon your blog through Priya's.

  19. Hi Joyce,

    Unlike you, I'm a fan of tall and fluffy cakes. I don't think sponge cakes are dry at all but my husband and son didn't it as much as I do... I think they are more like you :D


  20. Hi joyce, love your sponge cake... so beautifully done. I think I will be missing this bake because till now, I still have not managed to find a bundt/chiffon tin I want. Either the size is wrong, or the price is wrong... or do you think I can bake this as cupcakes?

    1. Hi Mich,
      You could try baking this using the square tall cupcake cases that I've seen some bloggers used for Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes. Remember to turn them upside down till completely cool! Hope it works! Good luck!

  21. Joyce,
    I will be very happy if I baked a tall and mighty chiffon like yours:D
    Looks delish with the frosting ..:D

  22. Hi Joyce,
    Oh WOW how lovely you cake has turned out. I have never baked chiffon cake but my mother would bake it ALL the time.
    Like Mich I'm not sure if I will bake this either as I don't have a chiffon tin or can I use a bunt tin?
    Do you turn your tin upside down and stand it on a bottle with a tall nozzle to cool? I know that is what my mum always did.



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