Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What's In My Cookie Jar? : Ginger Crackles - ABC Dec 2012

I have not made any cookies in ages! I wanted to, many times, but some other bakes always takes precedence over cookies. Avid Baker's Challenge bake for December 2012 is just perfect, cookies! We are baking Ginger Crackles, from this fabulous book, it is now one of my favourite baking book, The Weekend Baker by Abigail Johnson Dodge. And this is the last bake from this book, at ABC. For the past 12 months we have baked 12 recipes from The Weekend Baker, ranging from breads, cakes, pies and tarts to cookies, and each one has been fantastic! I really like Abby Dodge's recipes, though I find that she uses lots of sugar in all of her bakes. And I have always reduced the sugar in her recipes and all have turned out great. Even though this is the last bake for this year from this book over at ABC, it would not be the last one for me, there are lots of other recipes that I am looking forward to try.

What's In My Cookie Jar?
Ginger Crackles !!

These Ginger Crackles are rather chewy, with cake-like moist texture on the inside with a light crisp crust. According to Abby and from the picture cover of the book (my book is of a different picture cover), these cookies have tops that are ridged with beautiful cracks. As you can see from my cookies above, they do not really crack.

There are a few cracked lines on top, but only just a few. These cookies are packed with spice flavours. The spices used are ground ginger, ground cloves and ground cinnamon. Light molasses is one of the ingredients, but I have used dark molasses as that was what I had.  Of course, as usual, I have reduced the amount of sugar, by cutting it to half a cup, from the original 1 cup. The sweetnesss turns out just right for us. Could it be, this is the reason that these cookies are not cracking up well enough? 

How did these cookies fare with the family? Both my kids love it while these are still slightly warm, when the texture is still soft, chewy and moist with a crispy crust, and they had it with a glass of cold milk. These cookies are full of  wonderful spice flavour. I rather enjoyed these too while the cookies are still warm, but overall, I'm a "crispy cookie" person! 

Please do visit Avid Baker's Challenge (ABC) to see my friends Ginger Crackles, their cookies have beautiful lovely cracks.

Here's a recap, of the bakes that I've baked from "The Weekend Baker" by Abigail Johnson Dodge, together with my baking friends at ABC :

ABC book for 2012

Dec : Ginger Crackles
 Nov : Velvety Pumpkin Tart
Oct : Honey Oatmeal Bread
Sept : Mile-High Vanilla Sponge Cake
Aug : Glazed Mango-Mulberry Galette
Jul : Classic Fruit Tart
June : Brioche
May : Choc Chip Scones
Apr : Buttery Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls
Mar : Emergency Blender Cupcakes
Feb : Glazed Cinnamon Rolls
Jan : Chocolate Banana Swirl Cake

Which is my favourite? I like them all, but the one that stands out the most is definitely the Brioche for me! 

Starting in January 2013, Avid Baker's Challenge will be baking from King Arthur Flour's website. ABC will bake once a month, you are most welcome to join us, please do contact Hanaa for the full details.


  1. Lovely cookies you got there, Joyce. I'm glad you and the kids enjoyed them. I can't wait to bake these this weekend (I know, I'm late - I just posted my Pumpkin Tart which was delicious). Great idea on doing a recap of all the 2012 ABC bakes. Brought back some fond memories :o) Looking forward to a new year of KAF recipes!!

  2. Joyce, I am drooling over your round up of bakes! Love these cookies because of the various spices. I am sure it is very delicious and fragrant!

  3. Delicious array of baked goods, those scones had me drooling, and those soft rolls too! Going to keep some of them in view for future bakes:)

  4. Hi Joyce,

    You have made so much for ABC! You have never miss out a bake... I really admire your perseverance in baking.


  5. yum, these sound like a great idea.

  6. You did a round-up! How cool is that to see all the recipes again. Lovely cookies you made, did you notice a difference in spicyness between still-warm-from-baking and the second day cookies? I thought the really really fresh ones were milder in taste.
    Can imagine you reduced the sugar, I'm always a little hesitant when I see the amount!

  7. Cracks or no cracks, I'm sure they tasted good. I would have reduced the amount of sugar, too, Joyce, and I don't think the lack of cracks have anything to do with it.
    Happy holidays!