Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beans On Toast

"Lentils, Legumes & Pulses, Oh My", the theme for this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC). 
Made this simple bean dish, using canned fava beans. 

There's bacon, chopped celery, chopped carrots, onion and canned chopped tomatoes (I've used my last jar of homemade canned chopped tomatoes which I've made a couple of months ago). Nigel has used a teaspoon of black treacle for flavour, and since I do not have any, I have used black molasses instead, of which I've used about 2 teaspoons. I have used canned fava beans and made only half a recipe. This dish is done in 30 minutes. Fast, simple and tasty.

Nigel made this bean dish on a cold windy day, and served it with warm sourdough bread. But since I have some leftover homemade Part Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread from the day before (my previous post), I served it with this bean dish, for my lunch.

I can understand why Nigel is looking forward to have this "Beans On Toast" on a cold day. I served the beans piping hot with bread, and I had a very tasty and really nice lunch. I can just picture how cozy it is to have this hot steaming beans on a cold day!

Beans On Toast
(adapted from "The Kitchen Diaries II", Nigel Slater)
200gm lardons or cubed bacon or pancetta
an onion
a little rapeseed or olive oil
a rib of celery
2 small to medium carrots
two 400gm cans chopped tomatoes
two 400gm canned beans (pinto, haricot, butter beans etc)
1 teaspoon black treacle
a lump of sourdough loaf

Fry the lardons in a deep pan over a moderate heat. Peel and roughly chop the onion. When the lardons and their fat are golden, add the onion, together with a little rapeseed or olive oil if there seems too little fat in the pan. Chop the celery and carrots, add to the pan and leave to cook for a full five minutes, till fragrant and starting to soften. Add the tomatoes, simmer for ten minutes, then stir in the drained beans and simmer for another ten minutes. Season with the treacle, a little black pepper and some salt.
Warm the bread in the oven, tear into chunks and serve with the beans.
Enough for 2.


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  1. Hi Joyce , boy do those beans look deliciously good and on toast , I Have to give this a try . Thanks for sharing :)

  2. you know I just heard about doing this a few weeks ago on a tv show and i thought it was quite interesting. I am going to have to give it a go for my bean loving hubs:)

  3. We always eat the last of any bean dish on toast or bread, they are always delicious that way, frugal too!

  4. Hi Joyce,

    I'm with you with all your yummy description because I'm the bean person too. Sadly, I didn't get to cook many bean recipe because my husband and son don't really like them.


  5. Hi Joyce!
    What a simple, healthy dish! Of course I would have to leave out the celery, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Joyce...

  6. Beans on toast. Mushrooms on toast. Ohhh, it's all heaven on a plate.

  7. Joyce,I happen to love beans! I used to eat baked beans out of the can hah..hah... This beans on toast sound good, I mean with bacon in it, it really can't go wrong!

  8. Baked beans on toast, I just feel younger ;-) I ate it the first time in Britain for lunch ages ago. What a great choice.

  9. Hi Joyce, I like baked beans in tomato souce ... the can type ... hee hee ! This baked beans on toast look yummy-licious!

  10. Beans on toast is such a comforting food that's perfect in cooler weather. It looks delicious with your homemade bread, Joyce!

  11. Beans on toast are the perfect comfort food--especially using that wonderful bread you made. This would be a happy supper for me. ;-)

  12. This looks like something my Mom used to make and Dad loved it. Completely forgot about IHCC this week! Sheesh!

  13. So much great flavour going into those beans, Joyce - I can see how they would be very comforting on a cold day.