Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicken, Leek and Parsley Pie And A Roundup for Cheerio Nigel!

"Cheerio Nigel", the theme for this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC). This is our final week of cooking with Nigel Slater. We will be starting with our new featured chef, Diana Henry, starting Oct 5th next week. Want to join us? Get the full details here. Well, it has been a wonderful six months cooking with Nigel Slater's recipes. But it certainly is not goodbye, as I will definitely be cooking from his books from time to time. 

To say "Cheerio" to Nigel, I've made Chicken, Leek and Parsley Pie, and it was so, so, delicious!

Firstly, let's harvest some leeks from the garden pot! 

I have a few leek plants growing in my small potted garden. Only two leeks are ready to be harvested, the rest are not quite ready to be harvested yet, will reserve that for other recipes :)

First make the filling. I have used chicken breast meat, instead of chicken on the bones, which I've seasoned with salt and pepper (even though Nigel did not season the chicken pieces), and baked in the oven at 200C for 30 minutes until cooked through. Leave to cool, cut into bite-sized pieces and used as directed in the recipe. The 2 leeks from my garden pot is not enough, so I have bought 2 more to add on. The leeks are cooked till soft, then some flour is added in, with some hot stock, cook until the sauce thickens, add in the chicken pieces, bay leaves, chopped parsley, bay leaves, salt and pepper. I have forgotten to add the chopped parsley as I did not take it out from the refrigerator. Obviously, "out of sight, out of mind"!  LOL!

The filling is so yummy, that I can't help thinking that serving this over pasta would be lovely indeed!

This chicken pie is baked in a pie dish as one large pie, but I have used the ramekin moulds to make individual pies, which makes serving easier. Each person has one pie all to themselves. Besides, I don't want to share my pie! Haha!

Brush the top with some egg wash and bake till the the crust is all golden and crispy. I served the pie with some steamed corn and salad greens.

This is so delicious! The filling has that wonderful delicious taste of soft sweet tender leeks and soft, moist, tender chicken chunks. Of course, the crispy buttery puff pastry makes it all the more perfect. Yummy! Will definitely make this again. Now I got to plant more leeks!

Chicken, Leek and Parsley Pie
(adapted from "The Kitchen Diaries II", Nigel Slater)
800gm chicken pieces, on the bone (1-1/2 piece of large chicken breast meat, season with salt and pepper)
4 leeks
a thick slice of butter
3 heaped tablespoons plain flour
650ml hot stock
3 bay leaves
a small handful parsley
375gm sheet all-butter puff pastry
beaten egg and milk, seasoned for brushing

Set the oven at 200C (Gas 6). Put the chicken pieces in a roasting tin and bake for thirty minutes, till golden. Remove from the oven, leave to cool a little, then remove the flesh from the bones in large, bite-sized pieces and set aside. (I used 1-1/2 piece of large chicken breast meat, season with salt and pepper and bake in the oven for 30 minutes).
Thinly slice the leeks, wash them thoroughly, then cook them with the butter and about 100ml of water till soft and brightly coloured. It is essential not to let them colour, so keep a lid on and don't have the heat too high. When they are soft, stir in the flour, leave to cook for a few minutes, then gradually pour in the hot stock, stirring as you go. Continue to cook, letting the leek mixture simmer for ten minutes or so, till you have a thickish sauce. Add the cooked chicken, bay leaves, chopped parsley and some salt and pepper and continue cooking for a good five minutes. Try not to let the chicken break up too much.
Spoon the chicken and leek filling into a pie dish. Unroll the pastry and place it over the top of the dish, letting it overhang the sides. Brush the pastry with the seasoned beaten egg and milk, cut 3 small slits in the top to let out the steam and bake for twenty-five minutes or until the pastry is crisp and golden. (I made in ramekins for individual servings).
Enough for 6.


Roundup of Nigel Slater's recipes which I've cooked for the past 6 months with IHCC

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  1. Hi Joyce! Leeks are really good as they are so tasty cooked with chicken, pork or seafood. Good idea to bake individual servings of pie. I have really got to bake a pie someday!

  2. Joyce, I love pies especially moist ones like yours! To make it even better, leeks and chicken are also my favourite things :) Yummy!! If you ask me, definitely pie over pasta anytime of the day :) Sad to see Nigel go but we have learnt alot from him, I would say so it's still a good thing ;)

  3. HI Joyce!
    Look at you growing leeks right in your back yard, lol...You know I have never grown them before. I sure must try.

    I should try this pie too, it looks so yummy. It has been fun "tasting" so many of Nigel's dishes with IHCC. Thank you so much for sharing, Joyce...

  4. This looks amazing! I much enjoyed your roundup too, thanks!

  5. Love those leeks and lucky you! The pie sounds great, perfect for a chilly day. Thanks!

  6. This looks wonderful! I'm going to have to get a Diana Henry book - is there one that you recommend?

  7. Hi Joyce, this chicken pie sure taste yummy. Like the idea to make in individual ramekins too ^-^!

  8. Joyce these look beautiful and yummy!!!

  9. wow you have leeks growing in your garden!. love the look of that chicken pie, looks very comforting

  10. oh wow! I mean wow-- the crust on top looks amazing and the leeks with the parsley and chicken sounds fantastic!

  11. Joyce, your garden is amazing... is there anything u dont grow? And your pie looks yum yum yummy!

  12. That looks so good! and you grow your own leeks, how cool is that!

  13. I like what you picked for the Cheerio theme. Chicken is a fav of mine. I will be sorry to see Nigel's time run out at IHCC. Tonight I ma making one of his pasta dishes from Eat.

  14. Hi Joyce, love the beautiful round-up of all of Nigel's recipes...simply incredible!!!
    Your chicken pot-pie with the leeks is so droolworthy delcious, and the photos 'speak for themselves' Wow! I'm so very impressed...thanks for sharing! Hugs,

  15. Oh Joyce, this chicken pie with leek just look so good...I love the idea of growing your own leek...I look forward to see what you will do with the other leeks...
    Hope you are enjoying your week :D

  16. Wow! Joyce. You cooked so many recipes from Nigel.
    The filling looks really wonderful delicious.

  17. It's been so long since I cooked with the Club, but came back this week to such delicious posts! It's coming on fall here and this pie looks just the trick for a cozy fall supper! You did a nice job making little individual pies! They are so darn pretty!

  18. Your little pies look delectable, Joyce. Moist, succulent chicken, with tender leeks and fragrant herbs, topped off with flaky, buttery pastry - that's a match made in heaven. Love your round-up too - you made some great dishes.

  19. Individual pies are always cuter and more fun too! ;-) You made some fabulous Nigel dishes this past six months. (I'm still craving those pickled veggies!) I look forward to seeing your Diana Henry posts.

  20. Those chicken and leek pot pies look mouthwatering! That crispy buttery puff pastry crust is calling my name:) You've made so many wonderful Nigel dishes, Joyce. Thanks so much for pointing out those delicious chicken wings. They were one of my Nigel favorites and I've made them so many times since.

  21. What a great round-up. I like individual pies too, an ordered just a cutting set ;-) And leeks are always great in pies.

  22. Hi Joyce,
    I love anything cook with leek. How cool you harvest home grown leek from your own potted garden.
    Wish that i can have a pie from your now :p

  23. It has been a wonderful 6 months cooking with Nigel and your farewell dish looks as delicious as all the others.