Sunday, August 4, 2013

THB : Cheddar Brioche Braid

Time for our bake at The Home Bakers (THB). For this week, Alice from I Love.I Cook.I Bake has selected Gruyere Brioche Braid for our Bake #22 at THB. Since Gruyere is not easily available and rather expensive, I have replaced with Cheddar cheese instead.

The dough was rather sticky and soft. I ended up using about 1/2 cup of flour more than what the recipe indicated. After the first rising, the dough is punched down, and kept in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, the cold dough is briefly kneaded to soften and then divide into three long ropes and shape into a braid. And this makes a very huge loaf. Braiding this dough is rather difficult as the dough is very soft, and as you can see, I did not make a very neat braid!

Once the braid has risen, it is brushed with egg wash and I have sprinkled lots of sesame seeds all over. Bake until golden brown. The smell of the Cheddar cheese with the nutty sesame seeds is so wonderful while the braid is baking in the oven.

The texture of the bread is soft and very creamy with the cheese. Overall a very nice bread, especially good when eaten warm, smells really nice with the cheese. The cheese has melted and bits of light yellow cheese can be seen throughout the bread. This makes the bread moist, soft and delicious.

Very tasty eaten on its own, you would reach for the second piece as soon as the you've finished the first one! Don't forget that cup of warm tea! 

For the full recipe, please visit Alice from I Love.I Cook.I Bake  and to view other members' bake, drop by The Home Bakers (THB).

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  1. I have to get back into baking again soon! This sounds like a delightful loaf fresh from the oven. The cheddar addition sounds especially good.

  2. The braid look so soft and yummy.

  3. Would love to try this because I am cheese lover!

  4. I love brioches bread Joyce, look delicious, I dont remember mad this, I bookmarked!!

  5. Your bread look soft and usually I love to eat it while it is still warm. So fresh and yum in the mouth. The cheese in this bread made it made softer in texture. Love to have this for breakfast.

  6. Hi Joyce,

    We love this bread very much too and love it extremely with Gruyere!!! I made them into smaller "braids" and all were gone quickly! I think I have impressed a lot my husband and boy with these delicious cheesy breads - LOL!


  7. Wholesome and inviting bread. Looks so soft!

  8. I love cheese & your bread looks very tempting. I would have loved to dig in if i wasnt on diet:(

  9. Your bread looks good! I just baked this on the weekend, and it was pretty good. My kids have been eating it up for breakfast and also for school.

  10. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comMonday, August 05, 2013

    This bread is so healthy and tempting :) I can have it just plain with a cup of hot coffee :)

  11. Hi Joyce, your bread looks amazing... and huge!! I've also used cheddar instead of gruyere, I love the sharpness of the cheese in the bread!

  12. I agree with u Joyce, this bread is a keeper!
    with cheddar is so delicious, now I am a kind of curious how it is with gruyere :)
    oh yes, the dough is real soft to work with, I also added a few tbsps. of plain flour
    but to me your braid is just fine! :)

  13. i will have to quickly bake know why? next is my turn hosting! GOsh!!!

  14. Joyce, even though I am not crazy about cheese but cheddar on the warm bread I would love very much!

  15. YUMMY! Love cheesy brioche & yours looks great to me with lovely braid! The sesame topping is amazing! I'll bake this as soon as I balik from cuti , next week .;)

  16. That's usually the case when I baked cheese bread , once you pop you just can stop lol Your bread sure looks wonderful - yum !!!!

  17. Hi Joyce,
    This is indeed a yummy looking cheese broiche.
    Will be very enjoying to eat with a cuppa of hot tea!